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Tashan E Ishq 16th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1

Anita states that Leela have destroyed my residence, she tried out to grab my husband, Yuvi suggests that its time for Twinkle to bear similar ache as my mom had to, I dont appreciate you Twinkle.
Leela states to Lord that when pleasure comes in life then anxiety comes far too that it’ll go away, I’m afraid of Anita and her hatred, i had no backlink with her partner, i never had any affair with him, I’d arranged marriage but I’d no connection with Mr. Luhtra, Anita wrecked her married lifetime on account of her doubting mother nature, i love my Twinkle alot, i want to provide her all happiness, be with her usually, Pinni comes there and claims Twinkle is not really in household, i am concerned that her additional flexibility will cost us, Leela states plenty of, i have religion in Twinkle, she cant do just about anything, she will get married before long so must be experiencing with buddies And that i have no problem with that.
Twinkle calls Yuvi, Twinkle suggests i am sorry that Kunj came that can help me, Yuvi suggests I’m not miffed with you, my mother arrived in Guradvarah so i had to go away from there, Twinkle claims i am emotion Unusual that our engagement didnt transpire, Yuvi suggests you recognize I like you alot, we can get engaged now, Twinkle states no i desire to get engaged in Guradvarah only with you but there are lots of people today here this time, Yuvi claims dont fret, we will get engaged at nighttime, he ends call and states to Anita that i will get engaged to Twinkle and afterwards We are going to will acquire revenge from them.
Twinkle is in house, Leela inquire where you went? Twinkle says i went to Guradvarah, Leela request her to snooze, she leaves, twinkle states when all will sleep, I’ll depart from house, i have to give ring back to Kunj way too, she will come away from her space and sees darkness in dwelling, she starts off leaving house but another person rings bell, she receives worried and suggests who must have arrive right now? she opens door to locate Manohar with his family, Kunj is with them much too, she angrily seems at them, Leela arrives there much too, she says every little thing wonderful? Manohar states I’d a thing crucial that you convey to so experienced to come at the moment, Manohar claims Guruji stated that Twinkle’s daily life just isn’t very good so it might impact her engagement also, he claimed that if equally households Dwell together then danger can be neglected but engagement will come about within our home, Leela states if thats case Then you definately are in excess of welcome, she usually takes them in property, Kunj question Twinkle not to be offended on him, its not his fault.
Manohar says to Leela that Guruji has explained that Kunj and Twinkle shouldn’t talk with Each and every till engagement is finished, Leela request Twinkle to head over to her room, Twinkle thinks that Yuvi needs to be expecting me. Usha says to Kunj that i couldnt find your engagement ring in cupboard, if your father appreciates about it then he will be angry, Kunj thinks its my fault as i gave ring to Twinkle, i have to take it from her, he suggests to Usha that dont stress, I’ll provide it
Twinkle phone calls Yuvi and says Kunj’s family has come to our property so i cant arrive at you, Yuvi suggests with the time this Kunj has entered our everyday living, everything goes wrong, dont fret, We’ll do engagement soon, Twinkle claims you will be right this is happening on account of Kunj, she finishes phone, Yuvi suggests i will not likely battle along with you Twinkle as you have to get destroyed by my palms only.
Kunj concerns Twinkle’s space, Twinkle claims your Guruji is mad, he requested you all to come back here therefore you came, This is certainly all trouble for me, Kunj states its not my fault, i didnt even discuss with Alisha from early morning, Twinkle says she is outside of city, she informed me in Guradvarah, Kunj claims you must informed me, your lover ranaway prior to doing engagement, Twinkle claims be sure to he has saved our appreciate as his mother arrived in Guradvarah so he had to leave from there, Kunj request to provide his ring again, Twinkle gives it again and says This can be unlucky ring for me, Kunj states you will be thankless, i aided you and also you are indicating this, Twinkle suggests i am also trying to do your patchup with Alisha, i am helping you way too, Kunj suggests dont exhibit it off, Twinkle says you hardly ever served me in its place you may have created issues for me, if you wanna definitely aid me then carry Yuvi right here, I had been about to do engagement with him however , you brought All your family members, are you able to bring Yuvi listed here? can you take care of my engagement? no appropriate, Kunj claims high-quality i will fulfill this want of yours way too, he leaves.

Scene 2
Its morning, Leela check with Pinni to convey Manohar’s spouse and children for breakfast, Manohar comes there together with his household, Leela states I used to be sending Pinni to phone you all, Kunj arrives again household, Leela ask him where he went in early morning? Kunj states i went to carry present for Twinkle, two persons usher in the massive teddy bear, Yuvi is hiding in it, all are amazed to check out reward introduced by Kunj for Twinkle, Bubbly(Twinkle’s cousin) is happy to determine it, Usha thinks what has happened to Kunj, he brought gift for Twinkle, Manohar scolds Kunj you are not kid which you brought it, you might have introduced a jewellery, Leela claims no Twinkle likes these, Manohar inquire Kunj to send this gift to Twinkle and keep in mind you cant speak with her as Guruji has said, Kunj sends bear to Twinkle’s space, all leaves from there, Usha check with Kunj what has transpired for you, if you dont wanna marry Twinkle then why these gifts and all? Kunj states I’ve to do it so father cant doubt me.
Twinkle is lacking Yuvi, Bubbly comes there with Kunj’s reward, Bubbly says Kunj has despatched this for yourself, Twinkle thinks that Kunj has absent mad, He’s sending present for me infront of all, Bubbly claims this is extremely romantic, she leaves, Twinkle begins beating bear, Kunj will come there and states Have you ever gone mad, Twinkle says you might be mad, Have you ever neglected that We’ve got only offer, why that you are sending me items, I really like Yuvi, Kunj puts hand on her mouth, Sajna ve plays, he states You mostly retain bickering, Kunj says to Twinkle that i have received problem by bringing Yuvi in this article, Twinkle request Anything you indicate? Kunj points at teddy bear, Twinkle gets delighted, she claims to bear i am sorry little one, did i kick you? Yuvi thinks to convey me out from right here, Kunj states to Twinkle that your baby have introduced ring for yourself, have interaction to him now, Twinkle request him to aid her to provide Yuvi out of bear, Leela knocks door, Kunj leaves from window, Leela is available in and says to Twinkle that Kunj have despatched this kind of lovable present for you personally, he is rather good boy, you come with me, we have to do rituals in advance of engagement, Twinkle ask her to provide just one minute to her but Leela suggests we dont ahve time, she drags Twinkle from there.

PRECAP- Kunj would make Twinkle put on engagement ring, she is sad, Yuvi angrily appears to be at them with his ring in his fingers.

Written Update By Sahir


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