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Tashan-e-Ishq 15th July 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Kunj is getting beaten up by boxer, Pallavi comes to him and asks why you are not fighting? where is your focus? you have to win this.
Kunj’s man gets in car and calls Kunj’s manager to tell him that he got locket. Manager hints to Kunj that he found locket, Kunj gets relieved, he gets up and starts beating boxer, Pallavi is elated, he punches him right left till boxer falls on floor, Pallavi claps, umpire announces Kunj as winner. Pallavi comes in ring and raises Kunj’s hand up declaring him winner, he looks at her and smiles.
Kunj’s man comes to some office to give locket back to receptionist. Yuvi is spying the man, Yuvi says this locket is related to Twinkle, i have to find out.
Kunj says to his manager that did my man gave locket to receptionist? manager says yes, Kunj says ask him to leave city for somedays, manager nods. Kunj says tough luck Yuvi, i got what was mine.
Yuvi covers his face and asks receptionist to give back locket. She does without realizing he is different, receptionist asks what should i tell Rocky when he asks about locket? Yuvi says rocky? Rocky comes there, Yuvi hides. Rocky asks about locket to receptionist, receptionist says man took it back, Yuvi says this means this locket is of Rocky’s and it means he is behind all this, which means he kidnapped Twinkle but why? Kunj calls his manager, manager says your man gave locket to receptionist, Kunj says he gave it here then who took it from here? my game cant be destroyed like this, he leaves. Yuvi thinks that how can Rocky be involved in kidnapping Twinkle? but i cant ignore facts, i have to find out truth and if Rocky is involved or not.
Yuvi sits in his car and looks at locket, there is key in locket, Yuvi says what is this key for? what if Rocky is involved in all this? what will i do then? he is tensed.
Leela has called media in her house and says my daughter Twinkle is kidnapped, we have not gotten ransom call too, help us if you find anything, media man asks if she doubts anyone? she says no, he asks Yuvi was criminal, if he is involved in it? Leela says he is changed, he is my son not son in law, he cant hurt Twinkle and i am sure of that, he is finding her everywhere. Babee sees this on Tv and says to Usha that Leela must be thinking that we left her alone in this time but what can we do, she is not able to see Yuvi’s truth, what leela must be thinking about us? Usha says Leela is so intelligent then why she cant see Yuvi’s truth, Babee says Yuvi is cheater, he is taking his mother’s side, why cant he bring Twinkle home from Anita? cant he see our tears? Usha says seems like Yuvi never changed, he is still with his mother, Babee says i agree with you, he never changed.
Kunj is scolding his manager on call to find his man Kalu who had his locket. Yuvi comes there and says today i was almost near kidnapper but he ranaway but i got big proof, i got some locket and it has key alongwith it, i dont know what that means, Kunj is stunned to hear it, he gets tensed and tries to compose himself, he says now you found locket, you will find Twinkle too, can i see locket? Yuvi eyes him with doubt and says yes, Yuvi shows him his locket only with key, Rocky is tensed, Yuvi asks if you know anything about this locket? Kunj says how would i know about it? i am sure it has something to do with Twinkle’s kidnapping, did you find any other clue? Yuvi says no i dont have any other clue, i dont know what this key means, Kunj says you will find Twinkle soon, dont lose hope, he hugs Yuvi, Kunj smirks while hugging him, Yuvi sees him smirking in mirror, Kunj thinks that this idiot came to me directly, he found key but wont find Twinkle, Yuvi thinks so my doubt was right, he is involved in kidnapping but why he is doing it? i will spy on him, Kunj breaks hug and says we make great team, we will find Twinkle soon, Yuvi says i hope so, its good that i found this key, Yuvi leaves, Kunj calls his man.
Yuvi says i thought Rocky was helping me but he was faking it, he even put his life in danger, he saved Babee, Usha and Manohar, he recalls how he called Rocky and asked him to save Babee, Usha and Manohar, he says i didnt give him address to factory but he went there, how did he know about factory? i have to save my family, he is dangerous. Rocky’s man comes from behind and starts beating Yuvi, Yuvi tries to protest but they beat him, Yuvi frees himself and beats them, Rocky’s manager grabs him and beats him badly, Yuvi is seriously injured, they run from there while Yuvi lies there bruised, Yuvi tries to get up, he says you dont know me Rocky, i accept that you are smart but i am no less, i accept that i have changed but my mind still can work twisted like it used to work earlier, what you thought that you can win by playing these cheap games? you did mistake by kidnapping Twinkle as you know i can go to any extent for Twinkle, i will destroy you just wait and see, he gets up and punches wall.

Scene 2
Rocky sits in car and says Yuvi wanted to save Twinkle, now i will do such thing with him that he will be finished. Yuvi sees Rocky leaving in car, Yuvi says now i will become your shadow Rocky, i will follow you everywhere, i will find my Twinkle first then i will destroy you, he flips his nose like he used to do when he used to be badie, he sits in car and drives away.
Rocky is driving, Yuvi is following him. rocky stops at some place, he goes inside godown, Yuvi comes there and follows Rocky. Rocky comes in godown, Yuvi misses him and says where did Rocky go? he was here, Yuvi looks around and says this is shady place, it means Rocky have kept Twinkle here only, someone pats at his shoulder, Yuvi turns to see Rocky smirking at him, he gets angry.

PRECAP- Rocky points gun at Yuvi, Yuvi gets angry, someone shoots Rocky in leg, Yuvi is shocked, police is coming there so Yuvi runs from there.

Written Update by Atiba

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