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Tashan-e-Ishq 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan E Ishq watch online

Scene 1
Yuvi is about to open champagne bottle but Twinkle comes and throws it away, chemical drops fall on Mahi’s face, she starts screaming in pain as her skin burns, Yuvi smirks, all comes to Mahi, Kunj lifts Mahi and takes her from there. Leela is tensed, RT gets angry, he turns and slaps Twinkle, everyone is stunned, RT says you are responsible for all this, Leela sees Twinkle’s hand burned too, she puts her hand on colds water, Leela says to Rt that how can you even think that Twinkle can do this with Mahi, RT says Twinkle pushed Yuvi and accident happened with Mahi, Leela says you mean to say that Twinkle did all this? RT says i just know that she pushed Mahi, Twinkle says i told you all that Yuvi will do something to destroy Mahi, when i got to know that there is chemical in bottle, i tried to save Mahi, Anita says to Twinkle that everyone knows Yuvi loves Mahi alot so why will he do it? Twinkle says you are part of his plan too, Anita says i feel you should be sent to mental hospital, Anand says Twinkle just need reason to blame Anita, Babee says enough, Twinkle cant hurt Mahi even in dreams, Anita says maybe Twinkle wanted to burn Yuvi’s face but by mistake Mahi became victim? Twinkle wanted to take revenge from Yuvi so this was best idea, Leela says enough, my daughter is not like your son, she is way better than him, you cant do anything, if you try to blame my daughter again then i wont spare you, RT says enough, my daughter’s face is burned and you all are blaming each other here? i am going to hospital, he leaves, Twinkle cries for Mahi.
In hospital, Yuvi and Kunj are waiting outside operation theater, doctor comes and says dangerous chemical was used so we cant say anything, Yuvi cries and says save my Mahi, i cant live without her, doctor says we are trying, he leaves, Yuvi hugs Kunj and cries, he says my Mahi is in pain, Kunj pushes him away and asys enough, Yuvi turns and smirk, he angrily looks at Kunj and says why are you silent? truth is that Mahi’s face is burned and you both couldnt do anything, you both tried to make me lose but you couldnt do anything, i challenged Twinkle that nobody can beat me, she couldnt save her sister, i told Twinkle that Mahi wont be able to show her face to anyone and see what i did, i did same, i dont speak but i do action, now Twinkle will live in guilt, she wont be able to forgive herself, i feel bad for Twinkle, Kunj gets angry but holds his anger, Yuvi says i will create so many problems in Twinkle’s life that she wont be able to even breath peacefully, just wait and watch, Yuvi laughs on Kunj. Yuvi starts leaving but Kunj stops him, brings him in room, he takes off his coat, he punches Yuvi, Yuvi says good, once and for all, we should end it, man to man, one on one fight, Kunj fold his sleeves, Yuvi tries to punch him but Kunj holds him and beats him, Yuvi grabs him and beats him, he laughs, Kunj overpowers and beats Yuvi, they both fight, Yuvi says beat me but this is not enough infront of pain of Twinkle, i will increase her pain even more, Kunj brings Yuvi in corridor and beats him, Yuvi says i started this game and i will finish it, Kunj beats him but guards come there, Yuvi sees RT coming, he sits in Kunj’s feet and says dont separate me from Mahi, Kunj says dont do drama again, Rt comes and says what are you doing Kunj? Kunj says open your eyes, you cant even think how much bad this man is, RT says my daughter is admitted inside and you are fighting here? guards take Kunj from there.
Twinkle and Leela comes in hospital and sees Kunj beaten, Twinkle asks how this happened? Kunj says i tried to control but i had to teach Yuvi lesson, Leela says leave all this, lets go in and get dressing for your wounds and Twinkle’s too, Kunj sees Twinkle’s hand burned, he holds her hand, both look at each other, Sajna ve plays.
Leela brings Kunj and Twinkle in hospital and asks nurse to start their treatment, Twinkle says what about Mahi? Leela says i am with her, you both go, Twinkle and Kunj leaves, Leela prays to lord to protect Mahi.

Scene 2
Kunj and Twinkle comes in room, Twinkle sees Kunj’s wounds, she tries to touch his face, he winces in pain, she says sorry, she says what was the need to fight with Yuvi? why you give pain to yourself? Kunj says it was useless, i wanted to take his life, he was saying ill word about you, i can listen anything about myself but if someone says anything about you then i cant bear it, you are my wife, Twinkle looks at him mesmerized by him, Sajna ve plays, they both share eyelock, nurse comes, Twinkle says he is my husband, shall i apply ointment on his wounds? nurse let her, Kunj says see your hand, first apply it on your wounds, Twinkle says i am your wife so you have to listen to me, first i will apply ointment to you then me, you know i am stubborn, Kunj says i know that, Kunj says i will apply ointment on your wounds, nurse leaves. Twinkle applies on ointment on his face, he winces in pain, Twinkle blows air on his face, Kuch toh hai tujhse rabta plays, she smiles at Kunj who is constantly looking at her, Kunj applies ointment on her wound, he blows air, Twinkle looks at him.

PRECAP- Yuvi cuts his finger and applies his blood in Mahi’s forehead as Sindoor, Leela, Twinkle and Kunj are shocked seeing this, Yuvi smirks.

Written Update By Atiba


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