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Tashan-e-Ishq 14th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1

twinkle is seeing movie and crying, she receives cal from Kunj, Kunj suggests dont notify me you’re crying, did you battle with Yuvi? Twinkle says no Hum aapke hain kaun, Kunj says this query has disturbed my everyday living, i cant even cry as I’m person, Twinkle states you will be normally on different tangent, I’m viewing movie Hum aapke hain kaun, he suggests why you happen to be crying? Twinkle claims because when fans are divided then it hurts, Kunj says i termed you when you received that day obstacle, Twinkle says tell it yet again, he suggests you gained, Twinkle says This implies you missing, Kunj claims appropriate, you joyful now? excellent evening, Twinkle claims one minute, i am also incredibly good Lady, i truly feel satisfied Once i win but i feel that you wont manage to impress all on your own so i will help you to woo her, I’ll practice you this kind of way that she will be your lover shortly, Kunj says i dont need to have your enable but Should you be forcing so much then I feel i need to Present you with probability, Twinkle suggests you’re having my enable so dont exhibit so much Moi, meet me at 9am sharp, i loathe late comers,, she finishes simply call, Kunj says its good to acquire girl’s enable.
Manohar is asking Leela, Usha concerns him and gives him file, Manohar request her to connect with Leela and talk to her to come right here, we must repair engagement date, Usha says I do think we should always locate more details on this family prior to continuing, Manohar states i did slip-up by speaking with you, i will get in touch with myself, what had been you saying? Usha says This can be about Kunj’s daily life, we should always find about Twinkle prior to making her our daughter in legislation, Manohar ask her to maintain her pondering to herself, i really know what I’m performing, Usha thinks which i dont like that Twinkle at all, I’ve to stop this marriage ceremony at any Charge.

Scene 2
Kunj is expecting Twinkle, she comes there, he states you dont like late comers right? Twinkle states i questioned you to come at 9am but i didnt say I’ll arrive at sametime, Kunj states what sort of logic Is that this, Twinkle claims you dont find out about ladies, lesson no.one if Lady claims that she’ll appear at 9am then she’s going to appear at 10am, Kunj suggests you might have told me on telephone, Twinkle states Lady desires boys to return very first, pay attention to me as I’m your sofa, he says self appointed sofa, she claims did you phone Alisha? he claims no as a consequence of that disastrous day, Twinkle says when Lady is indignant then she would like you to say sorry many time, she calls Alisha and provides it to Kunj, Kunj claims to Alisha that I assumed you should be upset about past night’s day, Alisha suggests its Okay, i dont consider previous, Kunj talk to when we can fulfill? she states I’m hectic, i will let you know later on, she finishes call, Kunj gets upset, Twinkle feels this and states women dont concur rapidly and boys get anxious, all boys are usually not Fortunate as Yuvi, she suggests I would like to fulfill Yuvi, she receives up, Kunj request her to be careful, you will be standing close to pool, Twinkle suggests you should be mindful of that Alisha, she will not agree soon, she turns to go away and falls in swimming pool, Kunj jumps to save her but he doesnt know how to swim, Twinkle swims and sees Kunjj drowning, she says he doesnt know how to swim, she swims and saves him, she provides him away from pool, Kunj coughs, Twinkle check with do you think you’re ok? she states whenever you dont understand how to swim then why did you soar? Kunj suggests i jumped to avoid wasting you as I believed you were being drowning, Twinkle says you ought to have believed that you will drown, Kunj says i dont should Assume Once i have to avoid wasting you, Twinkle is stunned and looks at him, she states you happen to be mad, she can make him get up, she says we need to go dwelling and alter then i have to meet up with Yuvi as well, she loses her balance and it is about to fall but Kunj holds her in arms, Yuvi comes there and sees them such as this, he starts leaving, Twinkle operates driving her, Kunj says Twinkle uncovered only this boy in entire planet to like, He’s a donkey, usually angry.

Scene 3
Leela is in Manohar’s home, Manohar claims i have requested guruji about day of engagement, he said that right after 2 times, Muhrat is good, we should to engagement that working day, Usha states its so soon, Leela says dont fret, We are going to do arrangements that every one will see, allows do engagement following two days.
Twinkle stops Yuvi and says i was offering tricks to Kunj how you can woo Alisha, i experience in pool and Kunj jumped to avoid wasting me, thats all, Yuvi claims sufficient, i have found who helps whom, I used to be going from here so i saw you both otherwise i might have not get to understand relating to this support session, Kunj arrives there way too, Twinkle says to Yuvi that you’re pondering Improper, Yuvi says Okay i can forget about all what i observed here but why did you keep it magic formula that you will be Conference Kunj, Twinkle suggests i didnt get time and energy to show you, you might be doubting your twinkle? Yuvi states dont give lame excuses, he pushes away Twinkle, Kunj claims she arrived in this article on my insistence, Yuvi claims This is certainly concerning me and Twinkle, dont say anything, Kunj claims lets have man to guy discuss, Yuvi says go from below else i will split your deal with, Twinkle check with Kunj to Allow her manage this, she claims to Yuvi that listen to her once, Yuvi leaves from there in anger, Twinkle begins leaving too, Kunj claims you will Mistaken aspect, you vehicle is on otherside, you didnt do just about anything wrong, Twinkle suggests i will talk with you later on, Kunj suggests i know i mustn’t come inbetween you and Yuvi, we are not close friends, we have pretend relation for planet but being straightforward if Yuvi liked you genuinely thern you wouldnt have behaved this fashion, Twinkle states you’re appropriate you should not appear inbetween me and Yuvi, keep the suggest to you, Yuvi is my boyfriend, he can behave the way in which he wishes, Kunj stops her and says he cant misbehave along with you, he can by no means damage you bodily, you will be crying in lieu of having indignant on him, you will be shouting on me in place of him, you happen to be officially blind in love, Twinkle suggests Indeed I’m blind, mad every thing in appreciate as adore is my weak spot and if you dont know this Then you certainly dont know me, she leaves, Kunj states i haven’t noticed a woman like her who loves adore so much, i hope Yuvi retain her joyful.
Twinkle comes back again property, Leela inquire how you bought soaked? Twinkle suggests i sense in pool, Leela request her to sit down and talk to what happened? Twinkle claims i went to satisfy Kunj and fell in pool, Kunj had to jump in pool to save me, Leela states Kunj is very nice man, We have now only one day to perform all preparations, Twinkle suggests what? Leela as following 2 times you have engagement with Kunj, Twinkle claims what was the need to prepare engagement so shortly? you didnt even request me, Leela claims Manohar’s guruji gave muhrat immediately after two so we made the decision it, Twinkle claims we should do engagement so you could have requested me, Leela suggests you have be engaged to him so it doesnt issue when and the place, Twinkle states it issues, you pay attention to me, Leela suggests i dont know anything at all, right after two is your engagement with Twinkle.
Manohar tells Kunj that soon after two days is your engagement with Twinkle, Kunj claims why so before long, I had been imagining.. Manohar suggests i didnt ask you to definitely Feel, he question usha to go to Twinkle’s home with Kunj and select engagement ring, Usha suggests actually.. Manohar says should i cause you to understand Evidently? she receives silent, he leaves.
Yuvi is angry in his place, Twinkle is looking him, he thinks that Twinkle can roam all-around with Kunj but she’ll be trapped in my Web only, he normally takes Twinkle’s simply call, she states I’m sorry, he states i am not miffed you any more, its Alright, trouble more than, she says no challenge have began, my engagement is preset with Kunj just after 2 days, i cant think to do engagement with any one else than you, do something, i dont want to do this engagement, Yuvi suggests do one thing, satisfy me today, We’ll make your mind up how to proceed, Twinkle claims Leela wont permit me to come but cant get engaged to Kunj, she finishes phone, Yuvi thinks even i dont know exactly how much i can cross my restrictions to receive Twinkle, all I realize is you are that trump card for me which can be most significant With this activity, i wont Enable this engagement take place.

PRECAP- Leela ask Kunj and Twinkle to select rings for engagement. Leela says to Twinkle that soon time will come when i will say to people that Twinkle is married. In guredvarah Yuvi brings ring for Twinkle to do engagement, Kunj is there too, Twinkle extend her hand, Yuvi about to make her wear ring.

Written Update By Sahir


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