Tashan-e-Ishq 13th September 2016 Written Update

Tashan-e-Ishq 13th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan-e-Ishq written updates

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Tashan-e-Ishq 13th September 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Yuvi and Kunj beat goons, Raghu says forgive me, i killed Pallavi and Shanta told me that she had lots on jewelry thats why we killed her and we stole bag from Ghanta ghar. Police comes and arrests Raghu. Inspector thanks Twinkle for calling them, they find jewelry in one bag, Yuvi says its Pallavi’s jewelry, Kunj says its same bag which Anita left outside Ghanta ghar. Police takes Raghu away. Yuvi stares Twinkle. Twinkle says dont stare, like you have way, i have way too to handle situation.
Simple, Yuvi, Twinkle and Kunj are together, Yuvi says thank God everything is sorted, Simple says i had really good time with you, Yuvi says if you werent with me dont know what would have happened, Kunj coughs. Yuvi says i mean i didnt know what would have happened without you, she says really? he nods and says lets go home, Simple says home? Yuvi says no problem, you all can stay at my house, all say my house? Yuvi says our animosity is of years, lets start afresh and end it, Twinkle says our mothers will never accept each other, Kunj says Yuvi is right, we can start with ourselves, Simple says you are enemies? you people were fighting for each other, Yuvi says its complicated and its fun to start new relations, lets celebrate. Yuvi and Simple talks and laughs. Kunj says to Twinkle that Yuvi really changed this time.
Some Punjabis are dancing outside Yuvi’s house. They come out, Yuvi says who are they? Simple says they are my family. Simple’s grand father says to yuvi that your pair is good, Simple’s mother says we liked son in law’s photo, you are good looking. Kunj and Twinlle are confused, grand father says lets ge them married, Yuvi is stunned, grand father says if you ditch and dont marry then I.. Anita comes there and says he is marrying your daughter? Twinkle says aunty they are guests, say them hello. She whispers to Anita that dont say anything, your son’s life is in danger, just do what i am saying, she asks Leela to take guests to her house, Leela says i will handle everyone, she takes Simple’s family to her house. Yuvi looks on.
Simple says to Leela and Twinkle that i have done all this, i shouldnt have sent Yuvi’s photo to my family, i am sorry, you are caught because of me, Yuvi puts hand on her mouth and says its not anyone’s fault, dont cry.
Simple’s family are at Sarna house, grand father asks who is coming from groom’s side to talk about marriage? Babee says his mother will come, have tea, he says we will drink anything after talking with her. Simple’s family talk about cutting someone’s ear and hair. Babee gets scared and asks Manohar to call Twinkle before they do anything with her.
Yuvi asks Simple to not cry, he says lets drink water, you will fee better, he leaves with her. Leela says thank God atleast he stopped stalking my daughter, Anita says seriously he was crazy behind Twinkle, but Simple and Yuvi are good match, funky and full of life, Twinkle says we have to unite them but first you both end animosity, Kunj ask them to shake hands, Anita says if i have shake hands with my enemy for my son then i am ready, Leela says if Twinkle gets peace and happiness by this then i am ready, they shake hands. Kunj says great, now listen my plan.
Grand father asks where is Simple? Babee says she is inside room, she is shy as its about her wedding, one family member brings out dagger and says i will bring her, Babee says why you show dagger all the time, calm down, grand father asks where is Twinkle?
Anita asks Yuvi if Simple is okay? he says she is tensed, she sent my photo by mistake but dont be angry with her, Anita says i didnt say anything, i like her, Yuvi says this is first time you have liked one girl. Twinkle says now you got mother’s approval too, you like her right? Yuvi says yes, i mean she doesnt think before speaking, she is blunt, Twinkle says she is brave too, she took your side in all this, Yuvi says yes, she is street smart too, Twinkle says i can see you like her a lot, Yuvi says are you mad? she is crazy, i mean she is not girl, she is lady dabang, she carries gun but doesnt have bullets in it, one fool can like her. Anita says she seems special. Twinkle smirks. Yuvi says me and Simple like each other? are you crazy? Twinkle says you both met only now but you care for each other.
Leela says to Simple that Twinkle told me how brave you are, you need guy who is strong and can protect you, Yuvi is best, Kunj says you both have developed trust, its big thing, Simple says i mean yuvi is nice guy, he helped me a lot but that doesnt mean we should get married.
Twinkle says to Yuvi that Simple didnt take your name infront of her family, because she didnt want you to get him in trouble, Yuvi says i was just helping her, Twinkle says you
Leela comes to Sarna house. Leela says Simple, Yuvi, Kunj and Twinkle have gone to Guradvarah, marriages shouldnt happen without blessing of God. Simple’s family is elated to hear it.
Yuvi says to Twinkle and Anita she is good, we like each others company but that doesnt mean i love her. Twinkle says to Yuvi that everyone has to get settled in life, Yuvi says you are saying this because you are afraid that if i dont find another girl then i will start stalking you again and will be behind you but i am done with you, not happening, Twinkle says dont get angry, you are sweet, you are my friend, you helped me so much, so i want you to be happy and i feel Simple is perfect for you, made for each other, Anita says she is perfect for you, Yuvi says she is nice but that doesnt we can spend whole life together, thats not possible.


Written Update by Atiba

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