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Tashan-e-Ishq 13th October 2015 Written Update

Tashan E Ishq Part:

Yuvi tells Twinkle that he don’t intent to do anything with Chinki, and was just reminding her about Kunj’s cheap doings. He asks her not to marry Kunj. Kunj comes there and asks him to stay away from her. Yuvi says I was just reminding her that you tried to rape her. Kunj says he don’t want to give explanation and asks Twinkle to come. Yuvi accepts to kidnap Chinki and blackmailing Twinkle. He asks her to decide whom she wants to marry, and asks her to telh her decision to her mom. Kunj is angry and looks at Yuvi. He says I never saw a cheap man like you. Yuvi says I am like this only and asks him not to waste time. He asks him to think what will happen if Twinkle refuses to marry him. Kunj says I didn’t do anything wrong, but everyone is pointing finger on me. What to do. Chinki cries. Twinkle cheers her up and says nothing has happened to you, just be strong. She asks her to go to her room. Kunj comes to Twinkle……………….Tashan E Ishq plays……………….Twinkle goes.

Jamai Raja Part:

Roshni is in Police station lock up. The lady constable locks women criminals in the same lock up as Roshni. The women pass lewd comments on Roshni and asks about her crime. Sid tells the Inspector that his wife didn’t do anything and asks him to let his wife go. DD brings the person who added poison in the bottle and asks him to arrest him. The man says they have done inspection before letting the juice inside their school. DIG asks him to go. DD asks him not to let go of criminal. Raj comes and says he has taken an appointment with home minister. Sid says I will not leave Roshni alone here. DIG talks rudely and asks them to leave. DD asks Sid to come.

Tashan E Ishq part:

Leela asks Bubbly about Twinkle. Twinkle comes. Leela asks her to sit for her mehendi. Twinkle thinks about Yuvi’s words. Someone asks to play the dhol…Mehendi Hai Rachne Wali plays………………. Leela gets emotional. Twinkle is lost in thoughts, when mehendi designer asks about her groom’s name. Twinkle thinks about Yuvi asking her to decide. Just then Yuvi and Kunj come there and look at Twinkle. Twinkle looks at them and then tells my to be husband’s name is Kunj. Yuvi gets angry. Mehendi designer writes Kunj’s name on her hand.

Kunj tells Yuvi that whatever he is doing with Twinkle is hurting her. He asks him not to increase her problems. He says we are marrying each other for our family. He says I never wanted to marry her, but…..He asks him not to hurt Twinkle else he will not spare him.

Jamai Raja Part:

Sid is sadly sitting in his room. Shabnam with loud make up comes to his room and puts glycerine drops before entering. She calls him jiju and asks to have something. Sid says he is not feeling like eating. She holds his hand and says I am praying, and my prayers will be heard. She asks him to have strength for everyone and says Roshni will come out soon. Sid says Roshni is in Jail, although I am here. He says I have failed as a husband. Shabnam tries to get closer and wipes his tears. She then puts hand around her shoulder and says this is testing time for you, but this will end soon. Sid is surprised with her behavior. Shabnam puts her head on his shoulder as if she is giving support to him. Sid gets up and says he shall have strength for Roshni, DD, Ayesha and his family. He says until I am here, nothing can happen to my family. Shabnam thinks he can’t do anything, and your wife has gone on a long holiday.

Tashan E Ishq part:

Anita tells Leela that her hands are blank because of her. Leela says it is a lie and says I have never done anything with you. Anita says you are denying so easily. She says you have ruined my home and now getting your daughter married. Leela says I will still stick to my truth and says I have not done anything. Anita says you have ruined my life and says if my son’s life is ruined then I will not let your daughter stay peacefully.

Yuvi calls Twinkle. Twinkle asks him not to trouble her. Yuvi says he is going to Amritsar and says you have really moved on. He asks her to meet him for one last time. Twinkle refuses. Yuvi says I want to return all the gifts which you have gifted me. Twinkle agrees. Yuvi asks her to meet him tomorrow. He smirks.

Leela talks to Kunj’s mum Usha, and talks about her indifferent behavior towards Twinkle. She says she wants her daughter to have a mother like feeling with her. Usha says she will treat twinkle like her bahu only. She asks her not to think that she will treat Twinkle badly and says she have a daughter also. Anita comes and asks Leela to wash Usha’s feet and drink water. She says I would have never allowed my son to marry your daughter, after all she had accused Kunj for attempt to rape. Leela asks Anita to attend the wedding and leave.

Jamai Raja Part:

Shabnam enters Sid’s room while He comes out of bathroom. She says I want to meet you immediately after you took bath. Nani Maasi comes and says she is trapping you in Roshni’s absence. Shabnam says I brought holy thread from the dargah, and insists to tie herself. She ties and touches him lustly. Nani Maasi tells Sid that this is not right.

Tashan E Ishq Part:

Leela wakes up Twinkle. Twinkle asks her to let her sleep for some more time. Leela gets emotional and says you will marry soon. She says you will become wife, daughter in law and mum also. She asks her to keep mum in law happy and for that she have to make breakfast. Twinkle gets emotional. She asks how I will make food? I don’t know how to make food. Leela asks her not to worry and says she will teach her everything. Twinkle hugs her and says I love you. Leela thinks to help Twinkle in making place in Usha’s eyes.

Twinkle is going. Kunj asks where is she going? Twinkle tells that she is going to end the chapter. Kunj says Yuvi is a trouble. Twinkle says Yuvi has some gifts given my me, and I don’t want anyone to create trouble for me because of that. Kunj tells that Yuvi might be thinking of some plan against them. Twinkle says I don’t want your help. Just then a chunari falls on them and makes the environment romantic. Sid comes and apologizes for the fallen chunari. He tells God felt that you are made for each other, and asks him to keep chunari always. Kunj says I can’t keep. Sid says you got good life partner and God’s blessings too. He says no one can separate you as you are bind to be together. He tells bye to Twinkle and says Bhabhi ji. While Sid leaves in car, Kunj and Twinkle see taweez falling from Sid’s hand. Kunj calls Sid, but he has already left. He keeps taweez in his pocket.

Jamai Raja part:

Though all of the females criminals are standing outside the loo in queue and indicator one another to harm Roshni. A woman throws very hot h2o on Roshni’s hand. Roshni slaps her. Other girl that’s with Shabnam can take Roshni inside the bathroom and beats Roshni. She then places her head in the commode and beats her terribly. Warden hears the sound and knocks about the doorway. They escape within the bathroom ( don’t know from which doorway). Warden enters and sees Roshni unconscious. Sid, DD and Roshni come to the healthcare facility and find out Roshni wounded and unconsciously lying on mattress. Sid says I will eliminate the one that is to blame for Roshni’s condition. Raj states I am feeling helpless, as property minister refused that can help us as a consequence of media. DD asks Sid to complete a thing and suggests she will be able to’t see Roshni Within this ailment. Sid claims her that he can make the individual cry blood. He fumes with anger and goes. DD cries.

Later Simran reads the letter and it is stunned. She shouts Krutika’s title. Beeji arrives and asks what took place? Simran asks her to read letter. Beeji reads the letter left by Krutika, that she is leaving house and will return residence if the time is correct. Simran cries and claims what has took place? Why did she go away house. Beeji calls around the selection, as well as bus conductor picks the call. He informs that it is a Bandra bus. Simran and Beeji leaves. Bua Dadi will get delighted and states Krutika shouldn’t be back During this residence. She phone calls another person.

Sid decides to understand the truth and support Roshni arrive out of Jail. An individual informs Sid that he couldn’t try to find proofs. Sid feels helplessness and wonders from wherever to carry the proofs. Just then Twinkle comes and retains hand on his shoulder. She states she desired to assistance Roshni. She states she termed her media buddies, and obtained this movie footage. She suggests this might enable you to totally free her. She asks her to provide her bhabhi household. She smiles.

Yuvi asks somebody to set up LED monitor so that everybody see thd drama. Mama phone calls Everybody to check out sangeet footage. Kunj is shocked to determine Yuvi hugging Twinkle. Sid guarantees Roshni that he will never spare guilty. Shabnam gets stunned as somebody asks Sid to examine the footage.

Written Update By Sahir


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