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Tashan-e-Ishq 13th May 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Yuvi sits on his knees and says to Twinkle that thank you for saving my life, i pained you so much but still you saved my life by putting your life in danger. I dont know how to pay you back but i will try to pay this favor, i know you are not believing me but you see change in Yuvi, you want me to change? i will change now, you will see me as you want, i will change myself for your happiness and for you. Twinkle says you can never change and stop this drama. Yuvi gets up and says i will make this impossible into possible. You think i am selfish, mean and rude? now you will see how i change, till now i have just hurt you, now i promise from now on i will not be problem in your life, you said that love is not about getting..i will prove you that i have always loved you, you will see new Yuvi and it will be only for you. I will make you see new Yuvi, you will remember that a lover came in your life who loved you madly, he starts leaving from there, Twinkle stands there confused.
Its night, Kunj applies ointment to Twinkle’s wound, Twinkle says Yuvi seem changed this time, should i believe him? Kunj says this must be his new plan, we cant trust him, this is nothing new.
Anita says to Yuvi that this new game plan of acting goody goody is good. Yuvi says its time to stop all gameplans. Think what if Twinkle had not saved me from fire? this is enough, i cant fall in Twinkle’s eyes more, its time to end this animosity.
Kunj kisses Twinkle’s hand and says dont worry, we have lifetime together, we will handle him. Twinkle says promise me that we will remain together for life, we will face all problems together and will never think about getting separated, Kunj says why you are saying this? i promise you that i will never leave your hand, i will be with you always, Twinkle hugs him.
Anita says to Yuvi that have you forgotten what they did to us? Yuvi says i remember everything, this animosity has not given anything to them or us, this has just made lives hell, i request you to accept all this, he leaves. Anita says i will never move back, i wont let Yuvi do all this.
Its morning,family comes to Guradvarah. Babee says to Usha that a person called me and said that he has arranged prayer for Twinkle in Guradvarah. Twinkle says it must be Leela. Leela comes there and says Babee you did great work by arranging prayer on Twinkle’s name. Babee says we thought you have arranged, Leela says no, Kunj says anyone can arrange it, its good work, they go in.
Twinkle and Kunj enters Guradvarah and sees Yuvi washing feet of people at entrance, Twinkle says Yuvi you? he says i am serving here, he washes her feet. Kunj says dont do this drama, Yuvi says for a change i am not going to give you justification, i have promised someone that i will change and will prove to world that i have changed, there is no trick in all this, i am doing all this for Twinkle, she has given me new life, if she wasnt there that night then i wouldnt be alive today, thank your Twinkle, i am just trying to live this new life peacefully. He says to Kunj that i have arranged prayer for Twinkle, if you trust me a little bit then come inside, he leaves. Kunj says we cant believe him, Twinkle sys we will know if he saying truth or not, lets go in.
Kunj comes in Guradvaraj, all family members are shocked. Leela says Yuvi here? Yuvi prays to babaji, Twinkle and Kunj comes there and are confused too. Yuvi starts serving food to poor people. He clean dishes after lunch. Twinkle comes to Yuvi and says you really wanna change? you promised me that you will go away from my life and will not create any problem, so fulfill this promise and give back.. Yuvi says you want me to give you divorce papers back so that you and Kunj can get back together officially, meet me at court around 1pm, i also want to give those papers back so that you and Kunj can be with each other officially, dont be late as court will be closed for 1month after 1pm, he leaves.
Yuvi is at home, he calls Anita and says i am going give divorce papers back to Twinkle and Kunj, i want to end this fake marriage drama, Anita says i will not let you do all this, i will see how you give those papers to them, Yuvi says promise me that you wont do anything wrong, she ends call and says i will not let you do this.
Yuvi comes outside house and says its 12pm, i will reach court till1pm, some goons come there and kidnaps him.
Kunj and Twinkle are at court, Kunj says its 12:30pm, i dont think he will come, he must have lied like always, Twinkle says there is still time till 1pm.
Yuvi is brought to some isolated place, he is tied to chair, Antia calls him and says to Yuvi that i wont let you go to court, Yuvi says i want to reach there till 1pm, ask your goons to leave me, Anita says you think they will accept you if you become good person? they can never accept you, i wont let you give papers back, she ends call, goons leave, Yuvi is tensed.
Lawyer says to Kunj that its already 12:45pm, i dont think he will come. Twinkle says let me call him, she calls Yuvi but he doesnt pick up.
Yuvi sees clock and says i have to reach court till 1pm, if i dont reach there on time then Kunj and Twinkle will think that i have cheated them again, i have to reach there but how? he sees knife on table and moves chair towards it. He takes knife and tries to cut ropes.
Kunj says to Twinkle that he has lied again, he wont come. Twinkle says i cant believe that someone can lie in Garadvarah too, i mean evil persons are afraid of God too but Yuvi can never change.
Yuvi frees himself, goosn come there. Yuvi beats them badly.
Kunj says to Twinkle that its 1:30pm, he wont come, Twinkle says i did mistake by trusting him, he cant be trusted, we should go home.
One goon call Anita and says Yuvi is beating us, Yuvi takes call, Anita says why you are doing this? why you are helping them? Yuvi says you wont understand, i am telling you that i have to reach court, tell your goons to not stop me else i will teach them lesson in my language, anita says you can go there but you wont be able to give them papers, thats my promise, she ends call. Yuvi asks goon what mom was saying? tell me her plan, Goon says Anita have planted bomb in Kunj’s car, when Kunj and Twinkle will start car, bomb will be activated and when car will stop, bomb will explode, yuvi gets angry and shouts no.. he leaves from there. Yuvi comes out of den and calls Twinkle. Kunj says to Twinkle that there is no use to take his call, he must do another drama, Twinkle doesnt pick his call. yuvi says why she is not taking my call? what should i do? he sees bike there and starts it.
Kunj and Twinkle sits in car, Kunj starts car, bomb is activated. Yuvi is driving bike to reach them.

PRECAP- Kunj is driving car, Yuvi comes from behind on bike, he says there is bomb in car, Twinkle is shocked, Kunj says what?

Written Update by Atiba

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