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Tashan-e-Ishq 13th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Tashan E Ishq watch online

Scene 1
In function, RT says to Babee that i am sorry to stop Kunj and Twinkle from coming here but i had to do it to stop fights between Mahi and Twinkle, i am sorry, Babee says dont worry. Raman gathers attention of guests and says we have called dancers from Rajhistan, lets welcome them, dancers come in, Kunj and Twinkle are dressed as dancers too, nobody recognize them, Twinkle is in veil, she tries to go to Mahi but Kunj stops her so Twinkle leaves from there.
Mahi is going, she is about to slip but Twinkle and Kunj holds her in time, Mahi looks at Twinkle but she is in veil so she doesnt recognize the, she thanks them and leaves, Twinkle says to Kunj that my sister hates me so much, i got her after so many years, i dont wanna lose her again, Kunj says she will accept you, we will find solution, i will always be with you, Yuvi cant do anything till i am here.
Kunj calls Sid(from Jamai raja), Kunj tells him that he is following plan to expose Yuvi, Kunj says to Sid that dont worry, Roshini will recognize you, her memory will comeback, its valentine, remember what you did last year on this day with Roshni? do it again, she will remember it, Sid thanks him and ends call.
Twinkle starts dancing in veil in function, Kunj joins her, they dnace on Prem Ratan dhan payo, dancers take Yuvi, he dances with them, Kunj supports a dancer who was about to fall, Twinkle sees this and thinks that Kunj is so nice, he takes care of everyone, she imagines herself and Kunj dancing romantically on Manwa lage, Kunj holds her and dances slowly, they look in each others eyes, Kunj lifts her in his arms, they both smile at each other, they come closer.. but Twinkle’s dream break, she dances with Kunj on Prem ratan dhan payo, Yuvi gets call, he says to Mahi that i will come, he leaves. Yuvi comes in corner, he looks at Mahi and smirks.
Yuvi comes to meet Anita at isolated place. In function, Kunj and Twinkle tries to find Yuvi. Yuvi welcomes Anita, they both hug each other, Anita gifts him bottle of champagne, Yuvi says finally, Twinkle i told you to save your Mai but what you will do now? i have this champagne now, Mahi will doomed and Twinkle wont be able to do anything, she will shed tears whole life, so sad.
Yuvi brings champagne in function, Mahi is confused. Yuvi says to Mahi that this is for you, i have ordered best champagne for you to make this day best for you, i want you to remember this always, all this for you Mahi who is love of my life, Mahi smiles at him and blushes, Yuvi comes to Mahi, he sits on his knees and takes her hand in his hand, Twinkle and Kunj are disgusted to see it, Yuvi says i wanna tell you something infront of all, you are the best that has ever happened to me, you came in my life when i needed most, i want to spend whole life with you, you are love of my life, i love you jaan, he kisses her hand, Anita comes there too. Yuvi looks at champagne bottle, he says not now, we will open it when Mahi without any hesitation will confess her love to me, Mahi says i always used to listen that everyone has got pair in life, i met you one day and you changed my life, thanks for everything, i love you too, Yuvi records her video in phone, Mahi gets shy and runs from there. Twinkle goes out.
Twinkle comes out, she cries, Kunj comes to her and wipes her tears, Twinkle says did you see Mahi loves that fraud Yuvi so much, she will breakdown when she will know his truth, Kunj says we will protect her, stop crying and come in your lioness mode, Twinkle says i will take care of Mahi, i wont let anything happen to her but rightnow i am confused whats Yuvi’s plan. Lights are switched off, Twinkle says we have to go to Mahi, they leave.
Raman asks what happened to lights? Kunj says to Twinkle that it must be sme fault, we should find Mahi, lights comeback. Yuvi says to Mahi that tonight me and Mahi’s relation will get new name and this calls for celebration, he sees that champagne bottle is lost, Raman says who will steal it? all are guests here, Yuvi says all are guests but not these dancers, he says you people mind if i check your bags? he says no i am sorry, why would you do something like that, Mahi says no you brought that champagne with so much love, i need it back, Mahi says to dancers that i need to do checking, dancers says okay, Mahi starts checking their bags, she finds it in one bag, Yuvi thinks that Twinkle what you thought that i dont know you are here? he recalls flashback when he saw Twinkle’s face in mirror, he called Anita who switched off lights and he had put champagne in Twinkle’s bag, fb ends, Mahi comes to Twinkle and says arent you ashamed to steal things? she takes her veil off, all are shocked to see that its Twinkle, Mahi says you? all come to them, Mahi says whats your problem? i told you to not come here even then you came here and you even stole my gift, Twinkle says i just came to to protect you from Yuvi, Kunj asks Yuvi to stop his drama, Mahi says see Rt they have destroyed my sangeet function too, Leela says Twinkle cant do this, Yuvi says to Leela that even you are on their side? when mother in law doesnt trust son in law then its useless to do this marriage, Anita says you all have to take action else i will break this marriage rightnow, Rt asks Twinkle to leave from there, Twinkle says listen to me, RT says leave, Kunj takes Twinkle from there.

Scene 2
Twinkle and Kunj comes out, Twinkle cries, Kunj hugs her and says dont know how champagne bottle came in your bag. A deliver boy comes there with gift, Twinkle says Sid have sent it, she sees Mata rani as gift, she reads his note that Mata Rani have special blessings on women thats why i have sent it to you, go and i know you will win, Twinkle prays and says i needed it. Twinkle opens her bag and sees bag burned, Kunj says how can champagne burn bag? Kunj says it means there is chemical in champagne bottle, Twinkle runs to save Mahi.
Yuvi opens champagne bottle, Twinkle comes and throws bottle away but a drop falls on Mahi’s face and on Twinkle’s hand, they both scream in pain as their skin burns.

PRECAP- RT slaps Twinkle and says you are responsible for all this, Leela says how can you blame her? RT says she pushed Yuvi by which liquid fell on Mahi’s face and her face got burned.

Written Update By Atiba


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