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Tashan-e-Ishq 12th October 2015 Written Update

Tashan E Ishq parts only from Maha Sangam Episode with Jamai Raja
Scene 1
Twinkle is making puries, Usha is stunned and thinks that she has made so many puries so fat, she finds Twinkle watching video on phone, she ask what are you doing? Twinkle says i dont know how to cook food but i didnt want to hurt you or Manohar uncle, also i wanted to serve Gurji good food so i searched internet and found recipe of Halwa puri, Usha calls Alisha and tells her that Twinkle have made puries.
Raman tells Leela that Twinkle made Halwa puri, Leela says Twinkle did it all alone, Twinkle is special, she does everything with honesty, she never runaway from problems, seeing her lively nature i feel she will be very good daughter in law.
Sid(from Jamai raja) meets Kunj, they are college mates, Sid says i miss you, Kunj says you are business tycoon, i have come to invite you in my marriage, Sid congratulate him, he ask Sid to come with his wife, Kunj tells him about some mysterious lady but Sid says nothing to worry, security is tight, Kunj leaves.
Usha says to Twinkle that let me check food, she opens bowl to find food missing, she ask where is food? Twinkle says i made it and left to get fresh, i dont know where food went, Alisha comes and says kids have eaten food, Usha scolds Twinkle and says you had to serve food to Guruji but what will we serve him now? we will be embarrassed because of you, Alisha says these kids have done mistake, i will teach them lesson, she is about to hit them with stick but Twinkle holds her hand and takes stick from her, she ask kids did you like the food? they say yes, she sends them out, Usha ask what will you serve Guruji now? Twinkle says kids are form of God, if kids are happy then God will be happy too, Manohar comes and says to Twinkle that what have you done, you should have not taken responsibility if you cant fulfill it, how can you be so careless, Kunj comes and says i dont Think Twinkle have done anything wrong, Guruji comes and says Kunj is right, Twinkle has done right, she may have changed tradition but she is right, kids are form of God and we should keep them happy, he says to Manohar that you are lucky to have Twinkle as your daughter in law, she will unite your family, she will bring happiness in your family with her great thinking, Leela says if everything is fine then we should continue preparations, Manohar thanks Twinkle.

Scene 2
Usha says to Kunj that what Twinkle did today, if i had done it then your father would have insulted me infront of all, he wouldnt have forgiven me even after Guruji taking my side but you, you were supporting Twinkle, why? Kunj says i took her side as she was right, Usha says you and Manohar are singing praises of Twinkle, i have given my whole life to serve you and Manohar and now this girl will dominate me, she will rule me, Kunj says nothing like this will happen, Usha says i am not in peace, Usha says to Kunj that you know i dont like Twinkle as my daughter in law, Twinkle comes there and listens this, she is hurt.
Twinkle is lost in thoughts, Leela comes and ask what happened? Twinkle says how will i live without you after marriage? Leela says today the way you won heart of everyone, the way Kunj and Manohar supported, after that i am sure you will be respected and will be happy in your house, Twinkle says but i dont wanna leave you, Leela says lets have deal then, we will spend whole time together till you get married, i will shift n your room, Twinkle says thats great idea, Twinkle ask isnt there any deal by which we will remain together for life? Leela gets emotional and says maybe i will not be around you but i will be with you always morally, she leaves, Twinkle recalls Usha’s harsh words, she says i wish i could tell Leela that how much sad i am by knowing that my mother in law doesnt like me at all, how will i be happy in my in laws house when she doesnt like me, i cant even tell you as you are so happy with this marriage, there is only 3 days remaining in marriage.
Yuvi is angry and says to Anita that whenever i try to put Twinkle in danger, Kunj comes and saves her, its like God also want them together, Anita says dont get angry, do something in Twinkle’s mehndi that she will come to you herself.
Twinkle gets video message from Yuvi, It shows Yuvi has kidnapped Chinki, Chink cries and ask Twinkle to save her, Yuvi says i have kidnapped your friend, if you wanna save her then you have to come here, he says to Twinkle that save your friend if you can, Twinkle cries, she stumbles upon Usha, she says sorry and leaves, Usha says she is so manner less that she didnt even say sorry properly.

Scene 3

Twinkle is available in resort, she is getting Chinki, she checks rooms, Yuvi messages her that you might have checked all rooms, I’m in shop home with your Pal, Twinkle says I’ve to save lots of Chinki, Yuvi can perform something along with her in his madness, Twinkle is running to uncover Chinki, she strikes with Kunj, he inquire what took place? she doesnt response him and leaves in haste, Kunj suggests some thing is fishy.
Twinkle is available in shop home, she finds Yuvi there, Chinki is tied to chair, Twinkle question Yuvi do you think you’re mad? why you’re hell bent to ruin my daily life? Yuvi suggests serene down, social gathering has just began, i have a lot of surprises for you personally, initial surprise is that i’m intending to marry your Mate Chinki now and i will do almost everything along with her what Kunj did with you in farm home, on account of that evening, anything is modified, that you are compelled to marry Kunj, Yuvi says to Twinkle that you simply still left me and marrying someone else, if we cant grow to be a single then nobody has suitable to have you, Twinkle question him to shut up, she says dont you dare touch Chinki, Yuvi pushes Twinkle absent, she falls on floor, Yuvi makes Chinki unconscious, he states to Twinkle that Kunj should have finished exact same with you then he will need to have dragged you on ground, he will need to have bought close to you, Twinkle remembers almost everything, Yuvi will come closer to Chinki, Twinkle is damage on feet, she check with Yuvi to stop it, Yuvi frees Chinki and says i wasn’t about to do everything with chinki, i just desired to remind you about Kunj’s affordable act therefore you are ready to marry s 3rd course person like him reason for your mom’s pleasure, Kunj arrives there and sees Twinkle damage, he gets indignant on Yuvi.

PRECAP- Sid suggests to Kunj and Twinkle that you simply dont get appropriate existence spouse very easily, but are ideal for one another as well as you might have obtained blessing of God to help you combat, can try out just about anything but this relationship is going to happen, Kunj and Twinkle are tensed. Mehndi is used on Twinkle’s hand, Yuvi and Kunj are there, she says Mehndi applier that my would be partner’s title is Kunj.

Written Update By Sahir


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