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Tashan-e-Ishq 12th December 2015 Written Update

Tashan E Ishq watch online

Scene 1
Yuvi and Anita comes to Mumbai, Yuvi goes to meet Kunj in engagement party. Anita says he can meet his friend last time as he is gonna be dead, she meets a person/killer and ask if he knows what he has to do? killer says dont worry, i have done my work, send them to first floor 3rd room in hotel where engagement is going to happen, then i will kill Kunj, Anita says i will send them, killer says i will do my work then, he leaves, Anita says that Kunj and Twinkle will see the consequences of destroying my son’s life, i will not destroy their life but i will end their life, this night will be last night of them, i will kill them and then mother’s revenge will be fulfilled.
Kunj and Twinkle comes in Raghu(from Jamai Raja) party, Roshni pushes Shabnam, she falls down on floor, Kunj says to Shabnam that how much low will you fall? Twinkle says to Shabnam that this happens with person when they try to break house of others, Shabnam leaves, Roshni meets Kunj and Twinkle, Kunj says i feel Raghu is Sidhant, i cant do mistake in recognizing my childhood friend, Twinkle ask Roshni what she thinks if he is Sid or Raghu? Roshni says whatever is the truth, it will come out today.

Scene 2
Anita brings Yuvi in room, she ask him to sit here, Yuvi says why will is stay here? i want to go to Kunj and Twinkle, Anita says please stay here for sometime then i will take you from here, Yuvi says why are you punishing me? Anita says i am not punishing you but Kunj and Twinkle and you shouldnt be near them, she locks him in room and says i cant put your life in danger, today Kunj and Twinkle will attacked in such a way that they wont be able get saved, in party, if they get attacked then nobody will doubt, today i will take revenge of my son’s state, this night will be end of their story.
Roshni ask Kunj and Twinkle to dance, they try to deny but Roshni insists, Twinkle says to Kunj that dont think i am dying to dance with you, Kunj says even i want to stay away from you but to my badluck i will have to dance with you.
Kunj and Twinkle dances on Matarghasti song.
killer comes to Kunj and says to Kunj tha Yuvi is on 3rd floor, please go and find him, Twinkle and Kunj goes to find Yuvi.
Kunj and Twinkle comes on 3rd floor, they are shocked to see maze like structure of rooms, Kunj sys they must have done that to play games in engagement, Yuvi would get lost in this, we have to find him, Twinkle and Kunj starts finding Yuvi, they go in separate rooms and get lost in maze, Twinkle and Kunj realizes that in process of finding Yuvi they have got lost in maze, Twinkle is tensed and calls out for Kunj, Kunj tries to find Twinkle in maze., they both search in different rooms bu cant find each other, Kunj ask Twinkle where is she? Twinkle says i am here but i am afraid, Kunj ask her to stay in one room, i will search you, Twinkle says to Kunj that please find me, i am feeling suffocated here, Kunj searches all the rooms, he finds Twinkle, Twinkle hugs him tightly and cries, she says thank God you found me, she feels peace in his arms, Sajna ve plays, she realizes hugging him tightly and becomes conscious, Kunj ask if she is fine? she nods, Kunj says i dont understand if Yuvi is not here then why that man lied to us, Twinkle says we have to go from here.
Twinkle and ‘kunj tries to go out of maze but unable to locate door which which reaches main door, the gas start filling maze, they both cough, Kunj says we have to go out of this place, Twinkle says i am not able to breath, Kunj says nothing will happen to you, i am with you, i wont let you die, Twinkle looks at him and says i wont let anything to you too, both share eyelock, Sajna ve plays, Kunj and Twinkle tries to find main door, Kunj says there must be some way, he sees a window, Kunj opens it, he sends Twinkle out from it, Twinkle ask Kunj to come out too, he coughs, window gets locked and Kunj is still in maze.


Written Update By Atiba


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