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Tashan-e-Ishq 10th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Yuvi punches Kunj, both equally struggle but Twinkle stops him, Kunj states I really like Alisha but she doesnt concur for this relation but you guys dont trust me, I’ll notify all the things to Manohar that we dont wanna marry as ;you both dont have faith in me, he leaves.
Anita says to Manohar which i offers you evidence then every little thing will be distinct.
Yuvi talk to Twinkle why did you feel that Kunj? Twinkle suggests Kunj’s eyes says that he’s not indicating lie abotu Alisha, I really like you and I’m able to see like in Kunj’s eyes, We’ve got no other way but do handle Kunj, i have to halt Kunj, she leaves, Yuvi states Twinkle is working guiding Kunj alot in recent times.
Kunj comes to Manohar, Twinkle will come there also, Kunj says that I really like Alisha and Twinkle enjoys Yuvi, i cant marry her, If you’d like You’ll be able to toss me from property, Manohar turns and he has headphones in ears, he takes them off and ask what had been you expressing? Twinkle thanks God and claims we wish to check out lunch, Kunj was inquiring about it only, Manohar allows them, Twinkle normally takes Kunj from there, Manohar was watching video of Twinkle with Sunny during which she stated that she drink Liquor and all.
Twinkle states to Kunj that this deal is crucial for me and Yuvi, dont break it, Kunj hods her tightly and states cease looking at your boyfriend only, Some others will get damage to, i will get hurt much too, Twinkle says i am sorry, this deal is vital for all of us, allows start from start out, lets turn into good friends, Kunj states we may have offer but no close friends, he leaves.
Manohar is investigating Twinkle’s online video, Usha will come there and suggests i obtained proofs against Twinkle also, she demonstrates him record which has Twinkle’s calls for after marriage, JUsha claims I understand you prefer Twinkle but she’s not correct Woman for Kunj, Leela has hidden actuality of Twinkle, dont you don’t forget how Twinkle was drunk in occasion, we must always crack this relation, Manohar thinks.

Scene 2
Anita comes to Leela and states i have imported tissues for you personally as when you’re going to get to learn about Twinkle relation staying broken Then you definitely will weep alot, Leela ask what you’re expressing? Anita says you dont trust me? phone Manohar Sarna and ask position of the relation, Anita normally takes mobile phone from Leela and calls Manohar, she puts telephone on speaker, usha says to manohar that when We all know truth of the matter about Twinkle then take connect with and cancel this relationship, Manohar requires get in touch with, Leela suggests to Manohar which i wanna discuss Twinkle and Kunj’s relation, Manohar says i have one thing to discuss also concerning this relation, I need to complete preparation of marriage as soon as possible, i dont want any mess, Leela states ofcourse, she ends simply call, Leela taunts Anita that now you will need these tissues, These are imported so do rely on them.
Leela is oiling Twinkle’s hairs, Twinkle states you’ve magic in your arms, Twinkle’s telephone rings, she doesnt acquire it, Leela inquire her to take it, Twinkle states i am along with you now, retain messaging my hairs, Leela claims in childhood you accustomed to now sleep without the need of concept, Twinkle says i pass up Individuals times, Leela states I’ll skip you when you will leave from here, you’ll get married before long, Twinkle talk to her to not get senti, i will probably be along with you soon after marriage far too, This is often my household and i will occur listed here for information soon after relationship far too, she suggests now my convert, she starts off messaging Leela’s hairs, Twinkle’s cousin comes there and clicks her image, she suggests you are going to depart from in this article so I’m taking your photographs, Twinkle inquire her to acquire a lot more, Yuvi messages Twinkle to come and satisfy him.
Usha suggests to Manohar that you just learn about all the things and however you didnt break this relationship? Manohar says why should really i? only for this video? possibly Twinkle didnt similar to this Sunny, why this society generally blame girls for broken relationship, individuals are jealous of us thats why despatched this video clip and Guruji also stated that Twinkle is ideal so she’ll come to be our daughter in law, I am aware she have some disorders just after relationship but We are going to adjust that after relationship, this marriage wil happen, he leaves, Usha states i really have to do a little something to break this Twinkle’s relation..

PRECAP- Usha gives money to detective and ask him to keep an ey on Twinkle. Twinkle and Yuvi are together, Yuvi gets romantic and sings song, dectective comes there. Alisha says to Kunj that you know how can you make me happy, Kunj says i cant leave my family, Alisha says dont bother me then, Twinkle listens this and thinks why Alisha is not understanding Kunj’s love and why i am feeling bad for him

Written Update By Sahir


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