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Tashan-e-Ishq 10th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Kunj, Twinkle and Usha prays for Manohar, Twinkle looks at Kunj but he ignores her, Sajna ve’s sad version plays, Kunj and Twinkles does parikama(taking rounds) together, Twinkle recalls how she did it earlier with Kunj and how he promised that her win is his win and he will make her win all fights, Usha leaves, Kunj leaves too, Twinkle goes behind him.
They come out, Twinkle asks Kunj to listen to her for a minute, Usha comes and says dont you understand? stay away from my son, he doesnt want to talk to you, Kunj says lets go mom, Usha says make me understand her, what she thinks that she will do drama and we will forget everything? let me clear one thing that our house doors are closed on you permanently, neither me nor my son wants you, Kunj says lets leave, Usha says Twinkle from the time you have come in our lives, only bad is happening, you are bad omen for us, Kunj says what are you saying? lets leave, he makes her sit in car, he looks at Twinkle and leaves from there while Twinkle stands there hurt and distraught.
Twinkle is sitting in her room, she looks at her phone sadly, Leela comes there and sees her sad, she says you havent eaten anything, eat some food, Twinkle says i am not hungry, i want to talk to you, i am worried about Kunj, i dont know if he has eaten anything or not, when he is angry, he becomes stubborn and doesnt eat anything, call him and ask if he has eaten anything or not, Leela says earlier i used to be worried for you that if you have eaten anything or not but now you are grown up that you are worried about your husband, its good to see your concern for him, she calls Kunj, Twinkle asks her to put it on speaker, she does, Kunj picks up call, Leela says to him that i know there are tensions between you and Twinkle but i also know everything will be fine between you both soon, Sajna ve plays, Leela says Twinkle told me that you dont eat food when you are tensed, Kunj sees food on table, he says i have eaten it, Twinkle takes call from Leela and says you are lying, you know that you cant lie, Kunj says i dont have kiddish attitude like you, i dont leave food, dont disturb me, he ends call, he says i am not like Twinkle, i am not childish to leave food for small things, he eats food. Twinkle says to Leela that i need to talk to Kunj alone, i cant talk to him on phone but how will i meet him? he will never agree to meet me, Leela thinks that she is right, she has to meet Kunj alone, i and Babee will do something to make them meet.
Leela calls Babee and says Kunj and Twinkle have meet and talk to sort out things but Kunj will never agree to meet, he is angry with her, Babee says i have an idea through which Twinkle and Kunj will get time alone and also Twinkle will be able to explain herself, she tells her idea(which is muted), Leela says idea is good, Babee says it will work, she ends call, Yuvi have listened their conversation, Yuvi says they think that they can reunite Kunj and Twinkle but till i am here they can try anything but cant reunite them.
Man comes to Kunj and gives him flowers, it has card which says “from Twinkle”, man comes and gives him chocolates too, Kunj says whats wrong with her? papa is in ICU and she is sending me flowers and chocolates? he throws them away and leaves. Yuvi comes there and eat chocolates, he says how rude Kunj, i sent these on Twinkle’s name and you threw them away? this is so bad, Kunj this is just start, just see what i do next.
Twinkle shows video to Chinki in which she is meeting editor, her face is not shown, she says this is fake video, Twinkle sees ring in girl’s finger in video, Twinkle says i saw same ring on Purvi’s hand, this means she is doing this to take revenge from me, i have to find her home, Leela calls Twinkle and says i slipped in kitchen, nobody is at home, you come fast, Twinkle says i am coming, she leaves.
Twinkle comes home and calls out Leela’s name, she asks where are you maa? she finds her everywhere but is not able to find her. Kunj comes out of his house and says thank God Leela called me, dont know where is Twinkle, he goes to Leela’s house, Leela locks gate from outside, she asks Babee if this will work? Babee says this will work, they will get time to talk, till they dont reunite, our house will not be in peace, this way they will fight but will talk, Yuvi sees them from far and says how cute, these senior citizens made good plan but now i am involved in this plan too and see how much Tashan i will bring in this plan.
Kunj comes to porch of Leela’s house and sees it decorated with lights, heart shaped balloons, lips and kissing picture of a couple, he finds Twinkle there too, Twinkle says Kunj you? he sees the decorations and says you did it? you aked Leela to call me here? what has happened to you? why are you lying? you involved Leela in your lie too? Twinkle says i didnt do it, Kunj says how can you be so insensitive? whats all this? what you thought that everything will be fine after doing this? you know the situation then how can be you so insensitive and childish, he starts to leave, Twinkle asks him to listen, Kunj says what you think that doing these cheap things, everything will become fine? you are sending me chocolates and flowers and now this, Twinkle asks Kunj to listen to her, Kunj says you think these all will work? Twinkle says trust me i didnt do it, Kunj says i thought we should sit and talk to find some solution but seeing your childish acts since morning, i dont think you worth it, you dont but i care about my father, he tries to open gate but its locked from outside, Kunj says now you will say that you dont know how its locked right? Twinkle says i really dont know, Kunj breaks lock, he stares Twinkle angrily and leaves. Twinkle stands there sad, Yuvi comes there and breaks heart shaped balloon, Twinkle looks at him in surprise and anger, he says what happened? Kunj left? i thought you both will sit, talk and enjoy but it feels like Kunj is still angry with you? why are you staring me? you must be thinking i came here, its fun to jump in your balcony, i remembered our old days, dont you miss them? why would you miss as you have Kunj in your life now, you should thank me for doing so much for you, i sent chocolates, cards to Kunj, he threw them away then i even decorated porch for Kunj but what he did? he scolded you and left, Yuvi laughs on Twinkle, she looks at him in disgust.

PRECAP- Yuvi says the day you challenged me on Mahi’s topic, i decided that day to separate you from Kunj, Twinkle says you can try as much as you want but if the fight is love vs craze then its always love which wins in end, Yuvi leaves angrily.

Written Update By Atiba


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