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Tashan-e-Ishq 10th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Anita sees Yuvi’s deadbody and cries, she asks him to wake up.Inspector wakes up from other strecher and says to Anita that you are arrested for killing Kunj.Twinkle comes there with her family, Anita says my son has died and you are talking about arrest? Yuvi wakes up,all are shocked, Anita says you? you are alive? she hugs him and gets emotional,she says you did all this to trap me? she shouts on him,Yuvi says i am sorry but i had to do this,i knew you would come listening about my accident,till when you will keep running away? i am requesting you to commit your crime,you have no other way, just accept that you killed Kunj, Anita says i will not confess as i havent done any crime. Yuvi says fine, he takes knife and puts it on his neck, he says if youdont accept your crime then i will kill myself,you know i can do this,Anita shouts that yes i killed Kunj,i wanted to destroy Twinkle’s life like Leela destroyed my life,i wanted to take revenge, they never let me be happy so i tooktheir happiness, yes i killed him, she breakdowns and says yes i did all this for you,i have seen you dying for Twinkle who doesnt care about you, i have wiped your tears,if because of Twinkle you cant be happy then
Twinkle doesnt deserve to be happy too,she says to Yuvi that i cant see hatred in your eyes for you, i love you,Yuvi says idont hate you, i tried to make you understand, i understood right path too,you have given so much pain to this family,i told you many times to leave all this,sorry for trapping you, he asks inspector to take her before i become weak, Anita says you will do this with your mom? inspector arrests Anita and takes her away, Yuvi looks away.Yuvi says to Twinkle that today i understand how difficult it is to stand with truth,its easy to hurt people, i am sorry for all the misery,i know its difficult but please let me try, i hope you people have got some peace today, Twinkle wanted to give justice to Kunj, i hope Kunj’s soul gets peace now.Babee comes forward and says God always keep you happy. Babee says to Usha that forgive Yuvi, it need guts to do what Yuvi did today, every person deserves a chance,i know he did mistakes but please forgive him,Manohar asks Usha to forgive him,Yuvi says its okay, i will keep trying and one day Usha will forgive me too.
Twinkle is talkin on call to client Verma.She ends call, Yuvi comes and asks who is Verma? Twinkle says he is client but why you are inquiring about him? Yuvi says sometimes we hide our pain, you hide your pain behind your smile, pain increases when you hide it, Twinkle says P
undit Yuvraj these talks doesnt suite you,she leaves.
Verma meets Twinkle and says my budget is 30lacs,Twinkle says we need 75lacs, Verma says Twinkle is not experienced, it was Kunj who used to run business. Yuvi asks who recommended you to Twinkle? verma says my relative, Manohar says Twinkle arranged that wedding alone, we will take 75lacs only, we are with Twinkle. Verma says i thought to help you guys but.. i challenge you to bring one client in 24hours, Manohar says we will bring it and if we win challenge then you have to give contract to us on our terms, Yuvi asks Verma to leave,he leaves. Babee says how we will get contract in 24hours? Yuvi says dont worry,we will get it, manohar thanks him for support, Usha says we should not involve outsiders(Yuvi) in our problems.

Scene 2
Its night, Kunj calls his home number. Twinkle picks up call and says hello,Kunj is silent and listens her voice, Twinkle says hello.. Usha asks whose call it is? Twinkle says he is not saying anything,Usha says it must be wrong number, Twinkle ends call.Pallavi comes to Kunj and says if you are missing them then call them,i know you dont want your family to see you like this, after surgery you will be fit and fine, you talk alot,i came to make you listen something,she plays bolna song and says its great song, she dances infront of Kunj, Kunj remembers dancing with Twinkle, his moments with Twinkle.
Twinkle lies on bed to sleep, she recalls her moments with Kunj,how they closely danced. Otherside Pallavi dances around Kunj. Twinkle switches on her lamp.Pallavi asks Kunj where he is lost? Twinkle says i am trying to sleep again but says that i am trying to get sleep Kunj and i dont want to break my dream and we become one forever. Yuvi comes on terrace of his home and sees Twinkle’s room’s light on, he thinks that Twinkle is lonely,till she doesnt bring out her pain, till she doesnt share her agony with someone till then she will keeping dying inside, i have to do something.

PRECAP- Yuvi calls some client and asks him if he can give them wedding contract. Twinkle comes there and says to Yuvi that i was trying to convince Verma but you destroyed everything,what was the need to say all that? Yuvi shouts on Twinkle to go from there.

Written Update by Atiba

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