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Tamanna 3rd March 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Dhara smiling and seeing Mihir. Some neighbors come and tell Dhara that its Vishwa’s house, who are they, are they relatives, how did they stay in this house without their permission. Dhara says I don’t know. The man scolds them for misusing the house. Dhara says maybe Vishwa is my husband’s friend, you ask Mihir, he is sleeping. The lady asks husband or someone else. Mihir comes and scolds them.

Mihir says I will not give any explanation. Dhara asks him to say. Mihir calls his friend and makes the man talk to him. The man says now I m sure, I thought who are you. Mihir says he is in Canada, he receives just imp calls, its done now, leave. He shuts the door. He asks Dhara are you fine, and gives her water to drink.

Later, they go to have breakfast. He asks what will you have. She says I don’t know. He gives her options. She asks him to order food. He asks her. She says fine, give me coin. She tosses the coin and they order food. She orders 10 quantity and says we will compete. He asks are you sure, I m out of competition. She asks why, you have to play a match. He refuses. She insists and he agrees.

They both compete to finish the sweets first. She wins and jumps. People look on. She sits quiet and asks why did you get so serious, its good to know you don’t like to lose. He asks how can anyone eat so much sweets, you will get fat. She says I m athlete, I burn the fat. He says you have to be careful now, you are not athlete now. She looks at him. She hears some kids playing cricket and goes there. She catches a ball and recalls her cricket. Mihir gives ball to kids and asks Dhara to come.

He asks whats the problem. She asks him why did he say that she is no longer an athlete. He asks did you get upset for this, I m sorry, I just said it, forgive me, its not big mistake. He holds his ears and says if you give permission, shall I take you somewhere. She asks where. He says its surprise, close your eyes. He blindfolds her. She says but… He says don’t ask anything, its surprise, come.

He takes her to taxi. They reach somewhere. Mihir pays the fare. He takes Dhara. He opens the blindfold and shows her something. She opens eyes and gets shocked seeing a cricket stadium. She happily cries.

Mihir tells about the garden made by Lord, I know this is not just a stadium for you. She says yes, Eden Garden…. You don’t know how much happy I m. he says I know, that’s why I got you here, shall we go inside. She asks here? He says yes, come. She tells more about this stadium and they laugh. She says if any cricketer’s husband gets her here on honeymoon, she will get happiness of 100 centuries. He asks really, thanks. They get inside the stadium. Guard stops them. Mihir requests him to allow them for some time. Guard says its not allowed. Dhara says I m cricketer and my husband wanted to give me surprise by bringing me here. Dhara and Mihir convince the guard. The guard asks them not to touch any thing. Dhara says fine and runs. Mihir gives him money. Guard says I don’t want money, I allowed as your wife is cricketer. Dhara looks at Eden Garden, and touches the ground. She smiles happily.

Dhara asks Mihir to talk to Deepak. Mihir says I will talk later, battery is low. Deepak says fine and ends call. Dhara sees the battery level and says its full… She looks at Mihir.

Written Update By Amena


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