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Tamanna 25th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Basheer convincing the other group to come and play. Dhara looks on. One guy joins Basheer and then others too join him. Dhara looks on and smiles. She says I told you everything will be fine. Mishra says it was your belief, great, come, we will go there. Dhara says wait, we will see from here, we will not interfere, let them do this. Mishra says yes, Basheer is doing right. Basheer says we will play with them, like we play with each other, there is no harm, our game will get better. The hindu group agrees.

Basheer gives the guys batting chance. They play together just to make their game skills better. They all enjoy and have a group hug. Dhara and Mishra run to the ground. Dhara thanks them and says I m proud of you all, no two teams now, we will be one team, we will make other teams lose now. She thanks Basheer.

Baig says Dhara did great work to unite all the students. Mishra says if thinking is good, problems get solved. Baig says she changed your thinking too. Mishra says yes and they laugh. Hanief says you know the result is not good, the city got calm, what does coach madam want to do now. Baig says kids are playing with love, don’t complain. Ram Prasad says nothing will happen by uniting few kids, unite two religions and show. Mishra says its beginning. Ram Prasad says they will not unite, forget this. Baig says everything will happen, we need to understand, we should follow someone doing good work. Mishra laughs. Baig says if we can’t help them, we should not become hurdle, I m sure Dhara will bring new morning in this city.

Dhara tells the little girls to sit together, there is no difference in them. Shubhangi sits with her friend Sadia. Dhara smiles and says don’t listen to teachers and don’t change places now. She goes. Teacher asks them to sit on their right place. Shubhangi says we will sit with love and be together. Dhara asks the guys to unite from within, there should be no competition between us, don’t let opponent feeling come, there should be passion, not anger, we are one team. Veer makes the drawing. Sanjay comes and asks what are you making today. He sees the drawing and asks whats this, are you mad. He sees Dhara and warns her of muslims students. He asks her to stop this. She says I won’t. He says if anything happens in cuty, then don’t tell me, let things go on as before. He takes Veer and goes.

Sanjay greets the politician and says I m seeing the school work, its all going fine. The man asks is this newspaper mad to publish this, two religion guys are playing together, why did this not get shut, the woman have come and made them a team. Sanjay says I explained them, but…. The man says she is from our Dharm, why is she working for other religion, it can be big problem. Sanjay says they are just kids, I can’t get involved in this woman’s matter. The man says a woman is hurting our Dharm, won’t you do anything. Sanjay says sorry, I don’t think she is doing wrong, she is coach and has right to make a team, its small team. The man gets angry and says this is Bulandgunj, anything can happen here, I m working for this party, I lost many people for such small things.

A man comes to Basheer’s house. His mum asks her brother in law Salamat why is he here. He says everything is fine and wakes up Basheer. Salamat asks him not to play with those other religion guys, their community is angry with Basheer, we are different, don’t play with hindu guys, if this goes on, it will be big problem. Basheer asks whats wrong if we play together. Salamat says its wrong, I remember they shot your father on their back. Basheer’s mum asks Basheer to understand. Salamat says we come to help each other, they won’t help, stop playing with them, stop others too. He warns Basheer and leaves.

The guys play and one boy gets hit. The two groups start fighting. The riots start in the city.

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