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Tamanna 23rd May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhara going for the interview. The lady says your words have inspired us, we are glad to meet you, our foundation supports such thinking, we get many applications of dreams and hope, we decide to give scholarship by checking all the applicants. The students wait outside. Pitambar tells everyone that Dhara is working for every woman. He talks to the staff members, who praise Dhara.

Students think what would be going on there and worry. They sit waiting. Dhara says my life’s aim is to make cricket reach every girl, every girl has talent, they don’t have any support, I had dream to play Indian team cricket, I played till state level, I reached to a point where I have dreamt again, I promised myself to coach a team and make them win, I want to make a cricket academy for girls. Baig says our prayers are with Dhara, she is an angel sent by Lord.

Mishra says she is honest in her work, she is an inspiration, I m sure she will win this scholarship. The man says I m glad hearing your aim and passion for this game, why cricket academy just for girls, you can fulfill aim by staying here and coaching the kids here. She says thanks for this question, my dad has taught me the game and then Roy Sir guided me, but I m lucky, not every girl has support, guys have much support and opportunities, I want to give a chance to the girls in my academy, may times the dreams of a girl are left behind, I can’t see this, that’s why I want to create opportunities for the girls, every women should become independent and I want to prepare them, my academy will be in such small city where chances for girls will be nil.

Roy asks the students not to worry, Dhara will manage, its in her hands. The man says your hardwork is very impressive, suppose your academy is ready, you are managing it, your coaching will be known by it, tell me what are the qualities of a good coach. She says coaching has three things, determination, hardwork and focus, encouraging a student to play well under any conditions is a quality of a coach, I learnt this from my coach and I want to take this thinking ahead. Roy asks the students to work well in practice sessions and win that trophy in tournament, then Dhara will win every fight of her life. The students agree and get back to practice.

The lady says we all are very impressed by your thinking and talks, we want to support this thinking, but we have one more imp question, if we give you this scholarship, why should we give, think and answer. The man says we got many better applications, why should we choose you, what is special in you. Dhara says I told my complete story to you in my letter, its true my dreams broke and then I reached again to my dreams, my dreams will be alive till I m alive, its not easy to turn dreams into reality, it needs love and sacrifice, its not easy for a woman to do this, I want to do this thing easier for others, the belief my Papa and Roy gave me, I want to give that belief to others, dreams are not just limited to big cities, small cities also has dreams, my academy will prepare dreams, not just cricketers, pure world is formed by dreams, I m ready to make such an environment, I want your support. The man says our questions ended, but we wish to hear more about you, we will meet you again. The lady says we want to see how much your passion reached your team, we want to see your team playing. Dhara says sure.

Dhara takes the panel to show the team. She tells Roy that she tried to give her best. The panel smiles seeing the team playing cricket.

Roy asks them to think if Dhara can train the guys so well, what she can do in her academy. The man says we agree with you, just excuse us for some time, we will get back to you. The panel discuss. Roy tells Dhara that you will get the scholarship. Students come there. Dhara asks them to just go. The lady tells Dhara that we liked your saying, you want to open dreams academy, we agree with your thinking, we want to open many such academies, and start with you, we need a light like you, congratulations, you get the scholarship. Dhara thanks them. The man says thank fair and lovely foundation, accept our invitation and come in that event function to receive your scholarship.

Dhara attends the function with Shubhangi. She receives the fair and lovely foundation scholarship and gets glad. Dhara says I m cricketer and do not know talks, but I got a chance today and would like to say. She says fingerprints are unique, person can’t change it, I believe person’s identity is also unique like that, no one has right to end that identity. Everyone clap. Dhara says I m standing here, as I did not let my dreams break, I did not let my hope get caged. World makes walls for us, but I have always made windows in the walls and tried to see sky, I never lost, I was always told I m a girl and can’t play cricket, but I came on ground, and then grounds changed and I played.

Everyone dance outside Dhara’s house. Roy smiles. He falls down and faints. Dhara is on the way back home.

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