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Tamanna 20th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhara and Deepak asking Sameer to share his pain. Sameer tells about his dad, who was best batsman, he was a very good player, he worked hard in his shop and made great bats, the bats had great power, he became very famous, I started playing cricket and got much talent, I got selected in under 14 state level team, my dad was very happy, I told him to make a bat for me, he said it will take 25 days, I insisted and asked him to work day and night, I would play with that bat, dad had to make the bat for me, as I made his name shine.

Sameer cries and says dad started making the bat and after 3 days, I woke up by screams, there were riots in city, shops were burnt, I heard my dad was still working in his shop, my mum and I reached shop, our shop burnt, and I saw my dad half burnt coming out of the shop, I was speechless and mum shouted, my dad gave the bat to me, this burning bat. Dhara and Deepak cry listening to him. Sameer says I felt dad wanted to save the bat before himself, my dad died infront of my eyes. Deepak consoles Sameer. Sameer says my cricket took his life, that day I left cricket, this clock stopped and time stopped for me too. Deepak says you are strong, you lost a lot in life, but moving ahead with courage is called life. Dhara gives the cells. Deepak asks Sameer to put cells in the clock.

Later, Deepak tells Dhara that he is leaving, he has seen the people have big hearts here. She asks who will coach me. He says your aims, dreams and destination will coach you. She asks him to stay. He says I have work there, talk to Baa, convince her, I will stay. She says no, you go. He says I will see Sameer’s shop today. She says I will miss you. He says let me go, is this okay. She says okay and he laughs. Sameer tells Deepak that he does welding work and makes iron grills. He says I learnt this to earn living. Deepak says you become a great welder. Sameer says I did not get talent like my dad. Deepak asks him to start making bats again. Sameer says I can’t, I recall that night. Deepak says every night has a morning. Sameer says some nights don’t have any morning.

Dhara tells students that she will teach them individually. The students ask will she make them captain if they play well. She asks what captain, team is of all members, not just five, team needs 11 players, you all have to play together then, tell me, will you make a team. A guy says I will make team. She asks others not to ask and asks the guy to do batting.

Deepak takes Shubhangi to canteen. He serves food to muslim girls too. A guy sees the girl and asks them to not eat with muslims. Deepak scolds the guy and sends him. Deepak says we will continue eating, and feeds the girls.

Deepak buys some electronics for Dhara’s house. He tells Sameer that Dhara will shout and say this is not needed, we will fix this big tv. Dhara sees the tv and stares at Deepak. Deepak worries and looks at Sameer and Mridula. He says I got fridge too. Dhara goes to see fridge. Deepak says that shop had sale, so I thought to get a good fridge. He says I took tv so that you can watch match. Dhara holds her head. Deepak says I took this in sale. Dhara asks for his purse. He gives her. She checks receipt and says I will see which shop gave sale on fridge in summer. She looks at him.

Deepak says if I don’t do this, I will feel I got weak, your happiness is reason of my life. They cry.

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