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Tamanna 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Saroj waking up at night. She goes to Deepak and asks what are you doing, don’t you have to sleep. He says I have to meet Dhara’s teacher, I got a call from them, they said there is some problem. Saroj says what problem they have. He says I know it well, that’s why I m preparing something. She asks him to sleep early, he has to go office. He says I will first go to Dhara’s school, its my exam in her school tomorrow. She goes.

Its morning, Deepak talks to the sports teacher. Teacher says I don’t have objection when you said Dhara will play cricket with boys, but the boy’s family have objection, boys stopped playing, principal also told the same. Deepak says I knew this would happen, so I came prepared, how does she play. Teacher says she plays well, the thing is boy’s families are objecting. Deepak says they should not have objection, some people believe they can decide whether Dhara will play or not, and shows the rules book, saying if Dhara can’t play, I will make you sit at home, sorry to say this, but I m saying true, show this book to principal, I m sorry to misbehave, but a person can’t stop a girl from playing, this is also misbehaving, the rules say such things can’t work now, you are sports teacher, maybe more girls will start playing, Dhara will play, think about it, keep this book, it will be useful for you all. He thanks him. Dhara sees Deepak there and smiles. Deepak leaves. Dhara gives the ball to teacher and says bell rang, throw the ball. Teacher asks her to come.

Later at night, Dhara dries and combs her hair. She writes the diary. She writes she is tired and got drenched in rain, I have many things to write, Papa have fought a lot for me, there was time when I and Madhur Sir played alone in PT class, boys did not want to play with me, Madhur Sit said I play the best, Deepak told me to under 13 team, and Kanti Sir gave letter which made me give me chance to do batting, I got selected in under 13 team, I m first girl to get selected, I practiced well in few months. Deepak asks Dhara to play well and reminds when she has to marry, she has to leave cricket, her husband will take the decisions of her life, Baa permitted her to play cricket on this condition. Dhara writes that she will not agree at marriage time and see that time. She became vice captain in under 13 team and can give good marks to herself. She goes to sleep.

Its morning, Baa wakes up Dhara and tickles her. She says its 12 now, you woke up so late, and asks her to come to have breakfast. Saroj makes food and asks for Dhara. Baa says I woke her up, serve the food to her, you also have food. Dhara comes and hugs Saroj. She tickles Baa and laughs. Baa says I will be taking Dhara’s test. Dara says fine, if I pass test, you have to agree to something, I will tell after I pass test.

After few days, Dhara wakes up Baa early morning. Baa asks why did you wake me up. Dhara says you told me that you will take my test. I did not sleep to know. Baa says oh, fine, sit here, I will tell you. She says relatives are coming on lunch, you have school holiday, your test is you will cook for all the guests.

Baa asks Dhara did she understand and sends her. Dhara calls Deepak and tells him that she can’t practice today, Baa said I have to cook for the four guests tomorrow, its my test tomorrow, Baa will give marks. Deepak says see this was your decision, I will not give holiday. Dhara tells Baa what Deepak said, he is angry and not giving holiday. Baa says he is my son, I will talk to him. Dhara says he is my coach as well, if he stops training me. Baa says fine, what can I do.

Dhara makes the food. Baa asks Deepak to encourage Dhara saying the food is very tasty.

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