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Swim Team 9th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhagat will become Rewa’s partner for harmful dive,Coach tells that every spouse have to dress in handcuff..Rewa and Bhagat put on’s handcuff and normally takes dive..Both equally of them accumulate the coins..Umang encourages..Deepum tells that Bhagat may be very great swimmer,Jai sees and come to feel jealous Rewa tickles Rowdy rocky and he looses each of the coins..Rewa and Bhagat collects handful of coin and the Opposition ends..
Coach counts all the coin tells that he has final token and it will determine who gained..Rewa prays..He tells that Bhagat and Rewa will be the winner…Mentor congrats and appreciates Rewa and Bhagat tells that they’re wonderful boyfriend and girlfriend..Jai will get jealous…Rowdy Rocky tells Rewa that she did Dishonest..Rewa replies initially he only explained “Every little thing is reasonable in appreciate and war”..He sees angrily..Bhagat comes between,,Just one particular person tells that they are going to wager .Bhagat throws just one bottle on them and operates..
All of them runs..All of goons operates back again of these..Rewa and Bhagat laughs..Deepum tells it absolutely was fun,Bhagat sits down Rewa falls on him…Anyone laughs..Jai opens the handcuff and tells Rewa to take a seat in Motor vehicle..Anyone goes..Umang tells tells she’ll arrive on bike with Bhagat..Jai tells Rewa they may have two lakh and 10 thousand So they can Get together..Rewa denies and tells its dangerous,Jai tells its all right..Rewa informs..Every person is available in academey hiding then they drink and luxuriate in..Rewa thanks Bhagat..He smiles..Pixy and Umang appreciate in Pool..Rewa thanks Bhagat all over again..He tells its alright..kanika requires Jai together with her..Bhagat search him..Kanika confess Jai that she enjoys him and can’t share him with any individual,Jai replies appreciate you far too..Equally of these hug each other..Bhagat sees and is shocked

Precap::Jai and Bhagat fights.Later Rewa sees Jai and Kanika kissing

Written Update By Sahir


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