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Swim Team 7th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Kanika acts and sleeps..Jai and Yet another officer goes to convey consuming water…Kanika slowly and gradually but undoubtedly gets up and sees the officer laptop pc..Kanika enhancements Rewa’s agenda to family..Kanika tells she’ll see what is going to happen with Rewa now.Umang arrives and sits from the vicinity of Bhagat..Bhagat tells that Umang behaved just like this right now..Umang tells It truly is serious that she’s shifting onn..Umang tells that Bhagat only explained he must have some-only one else..Umang tells that Bhagat produced his life span really greatful..Umang tells owing to Bhagat..Umang quite a few many thanks Bhagat..Bhagat thinks How Rewa is disregarding him..Kanika does Yoga…The person from Swimming Affiliation will come..The person asks How is Kanika..Kanika tells she is all right…The individual tells they arrived to check the anti-smoking cigarettes exam..The individual tells he arrived to think about Blood samples and urine sample..Kanika tells what’s going to happen with Rewa she’s fearful..At Rewa’s residence..Mom opens the doorway..Certain human being From swimming association Office natural environment asks if Rewa is at your home??Mother asks that’s the individual,,The individual tells that Rewa utilized for Swimming association..Specific person tells that Rewa from final a few months is coaching at Dolphin academey..Mother tells that they are speaking about Improper Rewa..The individual Reveals Rewa’s Mother Rewa kind..Mother needs the form and shut the door..The person tells which they may perhaps mark absent…Mother sees the shape and cries..Anotherside Rewa Perform recreation..Bhagat comes..Rewa asks why Bhagat is tensed???Bhagat tells he comprehended what Umang and rewa wished to try and do..Bhagat tells he determined why Rewa was ignoring him..Bhagat tells that he thought Rewa would realize him bigger.Bhagat tells he dont elect to listen to any excuses…Bhagat tells he realize that Rewa desired to build him and Umang…Bhagat tells that he and Umang are juts buddies..Bhagat tells he dont want to tell Umang instantly..Bhagat tells Rewa to solve this challenge,,Bhagat tells that Umang is solely his Close friend not more than that..And Umang is just not the lady he like..Bhagat tells Rewa to go and check with Umang at this moment….At Rewa’s residence Mother will consider out all Rewa outfits..Mother will get Rewa swimming accommodate and cries..Mother cries..She toss all the matters..Sits and cries…

Precap::Rewa’s mom tells Rewa to make a choice from her and Swimming

Written Update By Sahir


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