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Swim Team 3rd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Rewa explains to Bhagat in which she can’t earn income in very less talk, He explains to in which audience seriously isn’t great and also he is matter concerning this.. He explains to to be able to guarantee, if not is going.. He sheds Your ex property and also explains to to be able to forget the foolish strategy.. Rewa explains to their her mistake would’ve not really taken him at this time there.. Jugnu allows Sana’s correspondence to be able to TK, He views and also explains to in which Sana quit this academey.. Jugnu is going.. Anotherside kanika explains to Pixy and also Deepum. will certainly present some sort of buckskin coat..
Kanika requests Rewa need in which coat, Pixy explains to that there is simply no coat pertaining to cheater’s.. Deepum affirms in which Rewa didn”t returning funds.. Kanika affirms in which pops non-profit have confidence in possibly there is and also he is able to support Rewa, Rewa explains to she do not need and will returning your money..
Rewa explains to Bhagat in which she’s not really loss niether have to have charitable organization and will participate in wall regarding demise and also is going.. Bhagat prevents her and also explains to that this sport is actually risky.. She explains to in which do not possess another choice and also meows.. Both equally of these argue, Bhagat explains to he will assist her.. Rewa hugs.. New music represents in backdrop.. Umang listens most.. From academey Umang pushes Bhagat in swimming, and also leaps.. She defeats Bhagat and also inform in which wanting to take best friend.. Rewa happens and also explains to to quit.. Umang inform the concept is actually enjoyable and they will perform with each other, Bhagat explains to he will additionally perform.. Several of these take pleasure in in the swimming..
Kanika explains to Jai in which she designed some sort of surprise pertaining to him, Umang call up and also explains to Jai.. He explains to that is certainly stuck below. Jai explains to Kanika that they ought to will end up in reception and also is going.. Anotherside Rewa receives all set and also considers her mum..
Precap:Rewa jumps in the pool Bhagat and Umang is worried

Written Update By Sahir


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