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Swim Team 31st August 2015 Written Episode Update

Rewa sits,Umang arrives and tells that Jugnu was indignant when telling about Rewa..During the night Rewa thinks about Umang’s mom and cries..Rewa tells If there any close of trouble or not..Bhagat calls and asks If she’s okay,And just he wished to Test..Rewa cries..He tells to prevent it,She tells How will arrange two lakh rupees in seven times..Bhagat tells to cool down as He’ll arrange it,He tells to snooze..Rewa lies down on mattress..Bhagat sings LORI “SURMAI AANKHIYON MEIN”,,Next morning Rewa will get up and tells day to day she Have a very problem..AT academy TK tells that medley race rate is going to be presented to Kanika jamwal,TK congrats her..TK tells that in one 7 days Rewa have to return the money usually she’ll be banned for life span and she should do dryline exercising.Deepum and Pixy congrats Kanika..

Sana provides a cake and greeting card for TK,,Jugnu comes and consume cake..He tells that TK does’nt deserve her..Sana tells to mind personal business..Jugnu tells that TK make her idiot everytime..She explain to to inform clearly,Jugnu tells to inquire involving TK about Umang,Sana tells that Umang is quite previous college student of TK..Jugnu tells that he has seen Umang and TK kissing around canteen..Sana is stunned,Jugnu tells that TK is really a cheater..Sana ignores and goes..Jugnu laughs..Rewa do pushup and it is concerned about returning the grant funds..She cries,Bhagat punches and tells that Rewa is trapped..He calls Health practitioner and explain to wanted to look at a client,Kanika tells Jai to hug,He tells that Kanika is mad..Kanika tells they are going to do dinner.Rewa is stunned to check out Jai and kanika..

Precap::Bhagat tells Rewa with regard to the Deadly stunt and that is the shortest approach to get paid dollars

Written Update By Sahir


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