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Swim Team 29th September 2015 Written Update

Pixy and Deepum takes Kanika’s clothes and tease her,Kanika asks for her clothes but they refuses..Pixy asks who is kanika’s boyfriend,Deepum asks is her father’s friend..Kanika refuses..Pixy and Deepum pleases..Kanika tells that She is in love with Jai…Pixy and Deepum is shocked..Pixy tells that they wont to this with other girl’s and Kanika did with her team-mate,,Kanika tells that Rewa and Jai already broke up and Rewa is out of academy,,Rewa comes jumping tells that Her mother agreed and signed the NOC,,Pixy and Deepum gets happy and hugs..Pixy tells Kanika that still Rewa is there,,.TK Tells Rewa that its not easy for her to clear zonals..He tells that coffee is good..Rewa smiles,Kanika sees and gets angry..
At night Jai tells kanika to consume healthier..Kanika tells that she’s scared of Rewa and could not target everything and sacred If she took Jai…Jai tells that its nothing like that…Kanika tells him to just accept romance in-entrance of Rewa..Jai tells to concentrate on swimming very first..Jugnu and Tk practise do thrust-ups…Jugnu asks How TK experience is refreshing..TK gives his Himalayas herbal men distinct facial area clean to Jugnu..Jugnu tells from now onwards his experience may even glow.. Umang calls Rewa to cafe…Rewa arrives which is stunned to view lights off..Abruptly Ritika,Umang,Bhagat and Rewa’s mom arrives and tells “Surprise”…Rewa receives content…Ritika tells that mother requested her favourite Vanika cake..Mom tells without having calories…Bhagat tells he is obtaining late..Mother tells that If Bhagat wasn’t there she would have been extremely late.Bhagat smiles….Rewa cuts the cake and Everyone tells Congratulations..Rewa offers cake to Bhagat and He eats..Music goes in background…Bhagat tells that He is late and tells Rewa’s Mom from upcoming time not to pull hair or moustache of any plumber or electrician..Mom laughs..Bhagat goes..Umang also goes…Rewa will come..Umang tells Bhagat and Rewa to hug and patch up..
Bhagat tell He have to go..Rewa hugs him and thanks..Bhagat tell he dont want Rewa to hug forcefully If She feels good then only to come and patch up..

Precap:Bhagat trains Rewa Both hugs each other.

Written Update By Sahir


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