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Swim Team 27th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Pixy tells Deepum that if Rewa is trapped and Banned,Pixy tells that Kanika planned to earn the race and her father has mny contacts,Deepum tells may be he called Lab and explained to alter the reviews..Pixy and Deepum shake fingers and tells they will see out,Rewa is unhappy Umang tells to chill down..

Deepum and Pixy adhere to kanika..Pixy tells that they ought to discover whom Kanika will satisfy..Kanika will get a selfie stick nd thanks her father..Deepum tells that Kanika has transformed and they’re Mistaken about Rewa..Umang encourages Rewa..Bhagat question Rewa what she has eaten in advance of Race..Rewa tells its her lifestyle and he or she would’ve not taken just about anything..She tells have consume tea and then some snacks,and just after Ashtama assault inhaler..Bhagat asks Is nearly anything after inhaler??She tells no…TK textual content and Calls Rewa..she goes…Umang stops TK,He tells that he’s acquiring late,She holds his hand..Umang tells to talk association and request about Rewa..TK tells that Affiliation is announcing Rewa’s punishment and he have to go..Umang tells that he is Mentor and may do tha or else will inform about Pendrive..TK tells Umang to carry out whatsoever he dont care..Jugnu listens and receives content..Rewa cries and tells its finish of her Swimming Vocation,Bhagat arrives functioning and gives a Small Ganesh to her..And won’t ever really feel by yourself..He tells to go as Mentor is ready..Rewa goes and sees TK and Jai.TK tells that Jugnu might can be found in some time

Precap::Jugnu claims that association has banned her from Swimming pool..Rewa is shocked

Written Update By Sahir


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