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Swim Team 24th September 2015 Written Update

Umang provides speech Her mom sees and will get delighted…Rewa’s mom comes in the purpose and sit..Teacher annonces Rewa’s title and tells that Rewa is schooling in india’s major institute and is also Among the most productive swimmer..Rewa receives award..Mom is shocked..Rewa many thanks Absolutely everyone tells that its her father’d dream..But she obtained the bravery from her mother to Adhere to the aspiration,Her mom is toughness,Inspiration..Rewa dedicates the award to her mother and tells that her mother will really feel happy when she get Olympic medal..Every person claps..Rewa’s mom cries..Later on Umang hugs Rewa and tells the speech was fantastic..Bhagat arrives and tells that speech was from Heart..Quickly Rewa’s mom comes..Rewa is shocked..Umang and Bhagat goes..Mom tells she appreciated the speech and she was psychological..She recognised from childhood Rewa is a superb actor..Mother shouts and tells Rewa its was drama and bogus invitation,,Mother pushes Rewa and tells Bhagat all of them lied to her.
Mom tells She previously requested Peon and he said there is not any lecturer name VISHNU PANDIT..Mother goes angrily..Bhagat and Umang tells Rewa they imagined mother would conform to indicator the NOC..Rewa provides Umang the award and goes away…TK bought his bicycle to an individual..At academy Jugnu tells Bhagat that he needed to show him right now and its his deadline..Rewa will come..Bhagat practises..Rewa tells that her mother will never concur,Bhagat do pushups..She tells to Bhagat really have to show NEIL that he can perform anything at all..Rewa encourages Bhagat to perform..Bhagat swims..Jugnu arrives and asks If Bhagat is ready for race..Rewa is nervous..

Precap::Rewa hugs Bhagat and tells that he did..

Written Update By Sahir


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