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Swim Team 17th September 2015 Written Update

Rewa tells Umang that she is going to write Ritika’s identify on her legal steerage paper’s,Umang asks How mother will permit,Rewa tells she have to do all for Swimming..Umang tells he is very pleased to find out her again,Rewa tells she have to tell TK about her bronchial asthma..
Rewa stops TK and tells she have to say one thing vital But he tells afterwards and goes..During the night time Rewa cooks foodstuff for mom and leaves a note..She thinks about Jai and Bhagat..Ritika calls Rewa and tells that she is doing superior and subsequent her aspiration,Ritika tells that she is going to signal the “NOC”..Future early morning Rewa sleeps,Umang arrives and eliminates the bed sheet..Rewa tells following soo many times she slept in peace..As she didn’t reported any lies and no tension..And her new everyday living is commenced,Umang tells she may be very satisfied..Rewa plays the new music and dance in addition to Umang..Song goes on track record “ABB TOH HUM CHAL PADAY”..Each of these dance and luxuriate in..
Rewa’s mother tells she dont want to speak to any individual of them..Jai tells Rewa that he came to consider back again the Cheese cake reciepe e book..Rewa tells that she dont have whenever..Rewa’s mother tells she’s going to give..At canteen kanika try to eat Sandwhich buy’s for Jai..Umang will come and eat cookies..Kanika shouts..Umang tells that Jai now had coffee with Jai..Umang tells Kanika won’t ever have Jai,Kanika tells that she’s lying,Umang tells Rewa is Jai’s first appreciate..Kanika tells Umang to shut up as she’s going to destroy her life,Umang tells that Kanika that she’s a backup selection for Jai and goes..Kanika tells she’ll ruin Rewa,,Kanika arrives away from TK’s Business and tells Rewa that TK identified as her..

Precap:Umang tells Rewa and Bhagat to patch up..

Written Update By Sahir


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