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Swim Team 16th September 2015 Written Update

Rewa tells Mother its her house also and he or she will never lie..As she she came back again and wanted to be swimmer and she’s going to turn out to be…Rewa pleds to present her just one prospect..Mother tells that she’s entire like her father..Rewa tells that she like her stubborn,Umang tells Deepum and Pixy that Rewa should have not claimed truth to her mother..
Umang bumps into Kanika,And kanika’s cell falls..Kanika tells Umang to tell sorry..Umang tells she experience and goes..In your house Rewa Gives Breakfast to her mom and tells to eat..Mom refuses..Rewa tells to sign the NOC,Mother refuses to sign the NOC and tells that she isn’t Section of Swimming..Bhagat comes from medical center and asks Umang about Rewa,Umang asks Bhagat why he skipped the dinner,He tells not to change the subject…Umang tells that Zonals are coming And just how He’ll control..Bhagat receives tensed..Umang asks why He cover from Rewa about Personal injury..Bhagat tells he dont want Rewa to truly feel pity on him..Rewa will come at academey and tells Jai that she proved him that she’s not cheater and lier like him..Pixy tells she unable to listen to..Rewa comes and Umang gets happy to discover her..The two of them hug each other..Bhagat tells Umang that he will occur afterwards,Rewa ignores and goes,,Umang tells Rewa that its not correct..Rewa tells she need to say TK all about Astama

Precap:TK scolds Rewa and tells that He wanted to meet her mother..

Written Update By Sahir


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