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Swim Team 15th September 2015 Written Update

Umang tells If Jai wont go she will shout,Jai goes..Umang hugs Rewa..At night when Rewa and Umang sleeps..Jai will come and tries to get up Rewa but will get afraid of Umang and goes..He wantedly requires drinking water and waits exterior the area..Rewa receives up..Jai presents drinking water to her and attempts to chat,But Rewa ignores and goes..Jai tells that she’s a contemporary Lady and he had a little bit enjoyment for which he is feeling responsible,Rewa tells that he is a cheater and he or she is not really fascinated to speak to him…
Jai tells that Rewa can also be a cheater,who cheated her mom,Coach and pals..Jai tells that Rewa lied to her mother and its truthful and He is a prison..Rewa tells that she has suitable to guage him..She goes..Next early morning Pixy asks did Kanika introduced jacket for Rewa??Kanika tells no..Pixy eliminates the jacket..deepum tells that in advance of they are aware that Rewa was a cheater but now the misunderstanding is cleared..Kanika tell she will purchase..Deepum and Pixy will get pleased..They goes..Kanika tells that she received Grant and Jai,,Anotherside Umang tells Bhagat tells to talk to Rewa,But he refuses..Bhagat faints..Umang shouts for aid..Rewa packs her Bag..Physician checks Bhagat and tells that a cityscan and RMI ought to be accomplished..Umang will get apprehensive…Later on Umang will come household and is shocked to see Rewa together with her bag,Rewa tells Umang to drop her residence..Umang tells that her swimming job will end..Rewa tells she have to go property..Umang drops her..Mother is shocked to view Rewa,Rewa confesses her truth of the matter about swimming to her mom..She cries..Rewa tells that she dont want to inform lie..Mom tells that her daughter’s betrayed her..Mother cries..Rewa apologises and tells that she have no solution,,Mom tells that she suffered alot thanks to Swimming..

Precap::Rewa tells Jai that she is not cheater like him..

Written Update By Sahir


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