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Swim Team 10th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhagat tells Rewa to Imagine..Rewa closes her eyes and think about The instant expended with Umang,,Deepum..Bhagat and Rewa look at one another,,Rewa is available in TK room and sees..Bhagat tells there are Terrifying second of this room..Rewa tells Certainly because they came to gather evidence versus Jugnu..Bhagat sees Rewa and smiles..Rewa will come around Pool and tells that at this put only they turn out to be Romeo and Juliet..Bhagat tells himself how would he satisfy Rewa If she left the academey…Rewa and Bhagat appears to be like at one another….Rewa tells she’ll miss out on the pool..Rewa cries when Bhagat sees…Rewa tells bye..Bhagat hugs Rewa..Rewa goes..Bhagat comes all over again and hugs Rewa..Subsequent morning Rewa will get up at Seven..Rewa thinks about her mom..Rewa can take her swimming fit and throws it.,Jai arrives and meets Kanika..Jai asks how is Kanika health???Kanika tells she’s much better…Jai gives medicine to Kanika..Jai tells that Kanika is an attractive Woman..Jai tells Kanika not to work-tricky on pool..Kanika smiles and sees Jai..Mentor Johncena arrives..Jai moves from Kanika…Johncena tells Jai to return pool..Coach goes..Jai gets near with Kanika..Rewa tells Mother that she did a mistake..Mom eats and ignore Rewa…Mom goes…Rewa tells MOther that she choosed her then why she’s undertaking such as this????Rewa tells atleast to speak with her…Rewa tells to forgive her..Mother tells that Rewa wil do Occupation..Rewa tells mom dont must just take rigidity…Mom tells that she searched a position for Rewa in Kolkata..

Precap::Mom tells Rewa should not speak with anyone..Umang tells Jai that Rewa has actually been residence arrested

Written Update By Sahir


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