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Swaragini 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dadi telling Swara said that there is someone else involved with you and asks her to tell the name of the person. Urvashi says I will tell everything truly. Kavita panics. Sanskar asks where is Swara. She might have went to store room to check the audio system. He goes to bring her. Urvashi tells that she mixed tablet in Sumi’s drink and by the time she gained consciousness she got back. Ragini says I am happy that I trusted my sister. Kavita says Swara didn’t tell me about you. Ragini tells that Swara asked her to come with her, while Ragini says she don’t trust her. Swara shows the mask. Ragini is shocked. Swara says it is Janki’s maa mask. She promises that she will apologize to everyone if she proves wrong. She says Sumi is suffering and only Swara and Ragini can protect her. Ragini asks what I have to do. Swara says if I come on stairs then you should think everything is happening according to plan, else wear this saree and mask.

Sanskar calls Swara and searches her. Ragini asks where is my sister? Sanskar comes back and asks where is she? Kavita asks her to calm down and says we will search for her, till then I will keep eye on Maasi. Everyone starts searching for Swara. Kavita goes to the room and opens the cupboard. She shouts calling Ragini and Sanskar. She says Swara is here. Ragini and Sanskar take her out of cupboard. Kavita picks the rod and thinks to prove that urvashi has hit Swara. They wake her up. Swara tells that someone attacked her from behind. Ragini gets concerned seeing blood on Swara’s head and asks Laksh to call the doctor fast. Kavita brings the rod and asks Urvashi what you have done. Shekhar asks Urvashi, did you hit Swara. Kavita shows the rod to Sanskar and says she saw her holding the rod. Shekhar asks Laksh to call Police and get her arrested. Urvashi asks Shekhar to forgive her for Janki’s sake. Ragini asks her not to take janki’s name from her evil tongue.

Urvashi says Lado…Sumi slaps Urvashi. Everyone is shocked. She warns her not to go near her daughters. She says Ragini yearned for her mum since childhood. She says I was with Swara, but Ragini was alone. Since I came in this house, I tried to be with Ragini. You are her Maasi…did you know its meaning..It is like a mum. She says if Janki would have been alive, then she would hate you and keep you away from her daughters. Dadi says my bahu said right, and asks her to get out of house. She says I am not handing over to police for Janki’s sake. She warns her not to roam around her grand daughters or home. Urvashi starts walking towards the door and says you didn’t do right. You have insulted me very much, but no one will be happy in this house from now onwards. She tells Ragini that whatever she has done is for her happiness, but you didn’t trust me and trusted on Swara. She says you will cry blood tears. She tells Swara you….Sanskar shouts Maasi, all bad sights have to face me before looking at Swara. Swara asks Urvashi to get out else she will do something bad which she can’t think of.

Ragini apologizes to Swara and says you are hurt. Kavita congratulates Swara for her life and says she will leave. Sanskar asks where you are going? Kavita says where my destiny takes me. Durga Prasad asks Kavita to attend the function. Even Annapurna insists. Kavita says I shall leave as Sanskar might not feel good. Sanskar apologizes for doubting her. Kavita says I will leave. Sanskar asks her to stay.

Even Swara asks her to stay. Kavita agrees. Sujata doesn’t like it. Annapurna asks Sanskar to take Swara inside. Urvashi recalls Sumi slapping her. Kavita comes out and thanks Urvashi for not informing anyone about her. Urvashi asks her to come. Kavita says Sanskar asked me to stay till marriage. Urvashi says it is good and says we will not leave Swara. She says once Swara gets out of here, then you and Sanskar. Kavita says yes, and goes inside. Urvashi says everyone might be happy thinking I am gone, but they have invited a big trouble. She says she will take revenge.

Ragini and Sanskar take Swara to room. Swara says she is fine. Sanskar asks her not to be Jhanki ki rani and goes to bring first aid box. Ragini cares for her and asks if she is fine. She says I would have accepted your sayings before. Swara looks at her and thanks her for accepting her sayings. Ragini says I should thanked you for opening my eyes. I thought my bad days will start if you enter home and that’s why I signed on the papers related to your and Sanskar’s divorce. Swara is shocked.

Ragini says I have realized my mistake and took that papers back. I did a mistake and needs to be punished by you. I accept any punishment given by you. Swara says you was about to do any mistake, but haven’t done. She says I got my sister Ragini back. Ragini says your sister will not go anywhere. Swara says gini…She says we will be Swaragini again. Sanskar and Laksh come there. Sanskar says I thought you both are fighting about the rituals. Swara says we are together. Sanskar says nothing wrong will happen now. They smile.

Kavita kills Urvashi. Police comes and arrests Swara on charges of Urvashi’s murder. Later Kavita asks Sanskar to marry her if he wants to help Swara released of the charges. Sanskar accepts helplessly.

Written Update By H Hasan


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