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Swaragini 8th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Swara closing the door. Laksh says she will not hear anyone now, and says he will do something. Ragini runs behind Swara and says you are misunderstanding the things. Laksh tells Ragini that Swara will not hear them now and says he has an idea. Sahil sees Swara’s pics. Kestu comes and says someone came to give you something. Ragini tells Swara to open the door if she ever loved her. Swara opens the door and asks what? Ragini brings Swara to see the photo frames. She shows the pics and tells about the incidents after her marriage. She says don’t you see love in these pics. Laksh shows the video in which Sanskar proposing Swara on the ship and Swara accepting his love. Ragini says Sanskar loves you very much, don’t doubt on his intentions. He can’t think of harming you even in his dreams. Swara recalls Sanskar shooting her. One of the goon who had attacked him comes there. Sahil gives him money and says good job. Goon asks for more money. Sahil slaps him and asks not to show his face again. He recalls his mum’s word that he is perfect for Swara. It is shown that he is obsessed and possessive about Swara and have planned the attack to trap Sanskar and become good in Swara’s eyes. He sees Swara’s pic in a big projector and says I will get you at any cost.

Sanskar recalls Swara asking him to shoot at Rajat and her promise. Ragini comes to his room and asks to drink milk. Sanskar says he don’t want. Ragini says I can understand, and says one day Swara will return and remember anything. Sanskar asks really? Swara thinks Sanskar made her moments special and thinks if she is misunderstanding him. She calls Sahil. Sahil picks the call and asks are you okay? Swara says yes and says she is some what confused? She says do you think I am misunderstanding Sanskar. Sahil acts to be in pain. Swara says you are an angel and thanks him. Sahil says I will be with you always and will never leave you.

Parineeta asks Ragini if she is fine? Ragini says yes. Laksh asks her if she is fine? Ragini says yes. Annapurna asks Ragini to give masala tea for Durga Prasad. Ragini says okay and faints. Laksh shouts Ragini and runs to lift her. Durga Prasad asks Laksh to take Ragini to room. Sanskar calls Doctor. Dadi thinks they didn’t come till now. Sumi and Shekhar comes back home and are upset. Dadi asks if the work is done? Sumi goes cryingly. Dadi thinks work is done, now this baby will not come in this world. Doctor checks Ragini and says she is pregnant. Annapurna and Sujata get happy and bless her. Sanskar congratulates Laksh. Parineeta thinks my importance will lessen now and thinks she has ruined her plan. Sujata calls Dadi and informs her about Ragini’s pregnancy. Dadi is happy. Annapurna says she is very happy today. Ragini talks to Dadi and congratulates her. Dadi gives call to Shekhar and Sumi. Sumi asks really? Dadi goes giving call to Shekhar. Shekhar asks Ragini what you are doing? Ragini says we have to be careful now and disconnects the call. She thanks Laksh for the help. Laksh asks who am I? Laksh Maheshwari, your husband. Ragini hugs him and asks did we do right by lying to everyone. She recalls feigning to faint.

Swara asks Ragini and Laksh if they have done this. Laksh says my brother have done all the arrangements. Swara says I can’t stay with a murderer. Sanskar takes a rockstar avatar to make Swara recall their love.

Written Update by H Hasan

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