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Swaragini 8th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini watch online

The Episode starts with Kavita asking Sanskar to try the sherwani which she brought for him. Sanskar refuses. Kavita insists and makes him wear the sherwani, and says you are looking good. She sees him sad and asks if he liked it? Sanskar says it is heavy. Kavita says you used to like it before, and says it seems much have changed in all these years. Sanskar says I will wear this sherwani. Kavita says I am sorry and says I will bring another sherwani. Sanskar recalls Swara’s words that no sorry and no thank you in friendship, and tells same to Kavita. Kavita says you remember few things even now and is happy. Annapurna comes to Sanskar and says you shouldn’t do what you don’t want. She asks him not to compressed his emotions for other’s happiness. Sanskar says love happens only once, when I was in love with her, destiny changed page and started a new love story, but again the old love story is called back. He says what to do now. Kavita comes and informs them that she has invited Swara and her family.

Laksh asks Swara if she is coming for engagement. Swara says yes. Laksh says it takes time to understand what to keep in life. Ragini recalls Laksh saving her and thinks he is falling in love with her. Swara asks Laksh to give Sanskar’s tshirt. Ragini tells Laksh to lets go. Dadi asks Ragini to wait as she is coming with her. Ragini asks where, to my sasural….She says you have taken good care of myself, I felt good but it doesn’t look good to spend more time there. I will not feel good if the family taunt you. She asks her to bless her so that she can handle her home well. Dadi moves back and doesn’t bless her. She asks her to note down her saying and says you will repent one day. Ragini says even Nani cursed me. She says bye, and tells Swara that she will understand if she don’t attend the engagement function. She leaves.

Dadi is going inside the house. Dada ji says you have cut ties with us and says you can stay here anymore. Dadi asks Shekhar to listen what his dad said. Shekhar says his dad is saying right, and says you have supported Ragini in her wrong doings. Sumi asks him not to talk badly with Dadi. Swara asks them to leave anger. Dada ji tells Dadi that she has given wrong thinking to Ragini and made everyone felt ashamed. Swara says Dadi did this because of Laksh. Dada ji doesn’t agree and tells Dadi that she was hating Swara, but she is the one who is fighting in her favor. Sumi says lets go home and talk. Urvashi says she has heard everything and says Dadi is Ragini’s mum and not Dadi. She says she has done this because of her motherly love, and says only a mum can feel real pain of the children. Dada ji says Parvati can stay in this house, but she has no relation with me. If she wants to come back to my life then she has to earn that place in my life again.

Kavita asks Sanskar about the broken frame in his almari. Sanskar recalls Ragini throwing it. Kavita says we will buy a new one and says she will throw it. Sanskar gets angry and says it is very special for him although it is broken. Kavita asks what is in that photo frame. Sanskar says there is a photo of Swara and me in this photo frame and her name is written in my heart. He turns and says I love her. Kavita changes the topic and talks about sherwani. Sanskar says I love Swara. Kavita says you are lying, I just love you, and don’t have anyone except you. How can you move on, you can’t do this with me. She runs outside Maheshwari house. Sanskar follows her. A car hits Kavita and she falls down. It was just Sanskar’s dream, and says Kavita…Kavita says I am here and will not throw this frame. She asks him to try his sherwani. Sanskar thinks he can’t tell this truth to Kavita as she don’t have the strength to bear this. He says I can’t tolerate if anything happens to her.

Urvashi asks Dadi not to cry. She tells Sumi that she should have explained to Shekhar. Swara says you don’t know everything. Urvashi says you are mannerless and takes Dadi with her. Sumi says it is okay and takes Swara with her.

Ragini sees Laksh going and stops him. She gives him handkerchief, and thanks him for coming with her to Baadi. Laksh asks if you are fine? Ragini asks what happened to you so suddenly? Why you are acting to be concerned for me. Laksh asks why you are asking me? He says he is fed up of fights between them and says he thought about her words. Ragini wonders what did I told him. She recalls their recent conversation and thinks if Laksh is changing for good. She says Dadi, you was wrong…….

Urvashi comes to Dadi and says I have brought milk for you as you haven’t eaten anything. She sees food plate and thinks Sumi might have brought it. Dadi says Sumi served her food. Urvashi tries to trap Dadi and instigates her against Sumi. She asks can I call you Maa? Dadi says she is seeing Janki’s reflection in her. Urvashi hugs her.

Laksh comes to Sanskar and says he is doing wrong. Laksh says it is my duty to make you understand, and says if you are not happy after marriage then she will also be not happy. Sanskar says I used to love Kavita before and can love her again. He asks what you would do if you can get your first love. Laksh says I wish, but I can’t happen. He says he can sense Swara’s presence in the room. Sanskar asks what do you mean? Laksh gives his shirt which was in Swara’s bag.

Kavita announces that Sanskar will sing for her. Sanskar sings an emotional song. Swara runs and hugs him (May be imagination scene). Ragini’s dupatta catches fire and Laksh shouts to alert her.

Written Update By H Hasan


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