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Swaragini 7th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sanskar returning the money to the goons without knowing them. Swara and Sahil see him giving money and mistaken him. Sahil asks her to come with him. Sahil sits in his car and drives the car. Shekhar tells Sumi that he is relieved as Swara remembers her marriage now. Sumi is still sad. Shekhar asks what happened? Sumi cries and says I want this baby, but not in this circumstances. Shekhar apologizes to her and says I don’t know what to do. I just know that I don’t want to lose you, and will be with you at every step. Sumi asks him to support her in her decision, and says she don’t want this baby or their daughter to hear people taunts. She says today Ragini’s inlaws knows and tomorrow everyone will know, asks him to support her. Sanskar calls on Swara’s number.

Shekhar picks the call and says she must be there, search her. Sanskar says okay. He calls Sahil then, but his number is switched off. Sanskar wonders where is she? Sahil stops the car somewhere and asks Swara to drink water. Swara says I don’t want. Sahil insists. She drinks it. Sahil says how can I think him good and apologizes to Swara. Swara says my doubt came true now. Sahil says I thought Sanskar is good. Swara says he is double face, and says he sent goons to kill me. She says my destiny is bad. Sahil says why do he want to kill you.

Ragini thinks about Sujata taunts and Sumi’s declaration.Laksh comes to his room ad sees Ragini tensed. He asks what you are doing? Ragini says she is getting Swara’s room ready. Laksh says this is not cover of this pillow. Ragini says she has taken a decision and asks him to support her. Laksh says okay and asks her to tell. Ragini shares her decision with Laksh. Laksh hears her and asks are you sure? Ragini says yes. Laksh says I am with you as you are doing right. Ragini thanks him. Sujata asks Utara to take out rasgulla from the fridge which she made for Swara. Sanskar comes home and tells everyone that he couldn’t meet Swara. Annapurna asks what do you mean? Durga Prasad didn’t she come there?

Sahil comes and says she is with me. Sanskar asks where is Swara? Sahil says she is with me and is safe. He says I can’t think that you can stoop so low. Sanskar asks what do you mean? Sahil says you are double standard man and says he sent goons to kill Swara. Everyone is shocked except Parineeta. Sahil says Swara’s fear turned true today. Sujata says my son can never do this. Laksh says Sanskar loves her very much. Sanskar says I couldn’t find her there and called you, but your phone was off. Sahil says you would have attacked us in car also. Laksh says my bhai is good. Sahil says you might be mistaken about him. He says Swara is fine and asks Sanskar to keep away from Swara. HE says you have to deal with me.

Sujata says what is happening and asks Annapurna to come. Sanskar stops them and says nobody will go anywhere. He says this is a misunderstanding which will be cleared with time and I don’t want to hurt Swara. Sujata says don’t know what will happen. Parineeta thinks who sent these goons? Ragini tells Shekhar that Swara is misunderstanding Sanskar and said that he sent goons to kill her. Shekhar says he can’t do this. Sumi says I am afraid for her. Swara comes and asks really? She says you all have hidden my marriage truth from me. She says I am caught in a bad marriage. He tried to kill me again.

Ragini says Sanskar loves you very much and can never harm you even in your dreams. Swara says I can’t trust you, as I remember his hatred when he shoot me. Ragini says there was a reason. Swara says it was hatred. She says Sahil was with me when the goons attacked us. She says we went to police station and saw his criminal record. Shekhar says Sanskar can’t do this. Swara says I saw him giving money to goons. Ragini says he tried to save you and that’s why shot at you. Swara says you have betrayed me and hidden the truth. Ragini says this is wrong. Swara says I don’t want to hear anything now and can’t trust you.

Swara asks Ragini and Laksh if they have decorated her room. Laksh says my brother have done this. Swara refuses to stay in Sanskar’s room. Later Sanskar wears rockstar get up to woo Swara.

Written Update by H Hasan

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