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Swaragini 7th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sanskar thinking about Swara’s words, and Kavita’s words and agrees to get engage to Kavita. He says we will get engage tomorrow. Kavita is happy. Sujata asks him if he is happy and says they are doing repentance. She says we don’t have any objection with bengali girl, and blesses him. Ragini asks Urvashi, what she wants to say? Urvashi says Janki came in her dream, was crying badly and is sad. Sumi asks Dadi, if Shekhar does the barsi ritual every year. Dadi says yes. Urvashi says she is saying as Janki told her. Urvashi says Janki is sad about the situation of her death. Dada ji says that incident is very painful and says she had slipped from the stairs. Urvashi says someone pushed her. Ragini says we had already talked about it and it was an accident. Urvashi asks if you are thinking that me and your mum are lying. Ragini looks on.

Ram tells Sanskar that he has no objection with Kavita. Durga prasad asks him to take a right decision. Sanskar says someone told me to think about other’s happiness. He says Kavita is happy with my decision and I can’t hurt her. Annapurna asks what about your love? Sanskar says me…..Urvashi asks Ragini, if you are happy with your marriage. Swara says I can understand that you got sad about Janki maa. Urvashi says if you don’t trust me, then see if any crow accept this pint daan. A crow comes and doesn’t eat the bhog. Shekhar says it doesn’t happen yet. Urvashi says Janki haven’t get peace. Swara asks when did she come in her dream? Ragini asks her not to start her questioning. Laksh says we can’t take the dream strongly and says it was just a dream. Dadi says we can’t ignore Urvashi’s sayings. Urvashi cries and says she came here to lower the pain Dadi asks her to stay there for few days. Urvashi refuses and taunts Sumi indirectly. Sumi asks her to stay. Even Shekhar insists. Dadi takes her to room.

Swara sees glass piece in the bhog and thinks that’s why crows rejected the bhog. She wonders from where did it came from. She gets Sanskar’s message that he has taken a decision. Kavita brings Sanskar to the room and shows the money. She says she has opened her FD and asks him to count the money. Sanskar asks why did you open your FD? Kavita says she want to give him best ring on their engagement. Sanskar asks her to take medicine first. Kavita says she will wear pink lehenga for their engagement and need a gift after engagement. Sanskar asks what do you want? Kavita reminds him of the song which he sung for her. …..A fb is shown, Sanskar sings Tumse Hi song for Kavita years back. Fb ends. Kavita hugs him and says it seems like a yesterday moment. She asks him to sing song on their engagement. Sanskar says I haven’t sing again. Kavita says as you loved me only. She kisses on his cheek and leaves. Sanskar says circumstances are changed.

Swara tells Ragini that her intentions are not wrong. Laksh tells Ragini that he is waiting for her outside. Ragini says you tried to separate me and my husband, but your plan backfired and you got separated from Sanskar. Swara says she want to do something for her loved ones. Ragini tells her that Sanskar was never hers and asks when will she stop snatching other’s love. Just then Kavita comes there, and calls Swara and Ragini.

Sujata asks Sanskar if he is happy with the alliance. She says she has accepted the alliance, but Annapurna said that Sanskar is unhappy. She asks are you happy with this marriage? She says if you refuses, then I will not let this happen. Sanskar says I am happy and wants Kavita’s happiness. Sujata says I want to hear this and blesses him. Kavita tells Swara and Ragini that she got address from Uttara. She says there is less time for her engagement and says she wants everything to be perfect. She says Ragini will be there. She invites Swara for their engagement. Swara is shocked. Ragini gets happy and says it is good news. Swara congratulates her and says I am very happy for you. Kavita hugs and thanks her. She says I will invite everyone. Ragini tells Swara that water is splashed on your hopes and it is broken now. She says now you will feel the pain of my pain. Swara says I felt the same pain as it happened with me before also, and asks if she felt the pain which she felt when her sister betrayed her. Ragini says I am happy that you will not return in my house and life. She thanks her for keeping the barsi and says she will pray for her mother’s soul. Swara says I will pray that hatred should go from your life and you should enjoy life fully.

Ragini asks Sumi and Shekhar if they will come. Urvashi says they will come. Swara congratulates Sanskar on phone and says Kavita came to invite them. Sanskar says I am not forcing you to come and says I will agree with your decision. Sumi says she can’t attend the function and says she has some work. Urvashi says you can do work later. Ragini says may be she is having some work. Swara comes out and says we all will attend your engagement function. Kavita smiles and says really? Swara says yes. Kavita thanks her. Ragini is shocked. Swara tells that she will feel good to attend her engagement.

Sanskar agrees to get engage to Kavita….During their engagement, Kavita announces that Sanskar will sing for her. Sanskar sings Kabhi Khawahishon ka maara…..Manchala song………..plays.

Written Update By H Hasan



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