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Swaragini 6th October 2015 Written Update

Pandit ji asks Swara and Sanskar to come fast. Sanskar asks Swara, what happened? Swara signs him towards Ragini. Sanskar gets angry. Swara holds his hand stopping him. Sanskar asks what happened? Did Ragini do something again. Swara says Ragini has threatened me that if we don’t marry then she will kill Maa. Parineeta asks Swara and Sanskar to sit down. Sanskar looks angrily and shocked. Ragini looks on tensed. Sanskar and Swara sits down for their marriage. Pandit ji starts reciting the mantras for marriage. Sanskar says she wanted us to reveal the truth. Swara says Laksh trusts me now, and will tell the truth to all. She says if we get married then…….She says I am helpless, only Laksh can stop this marriage and not us. Sumi is in Dadi’s captivity and thinks she can’t let Shona do this mistake. She tries to free her hands. Laksh sees Police at the check post and thinks he has to reach on time. He goes to talk to Police and asks why the way is stopped. Inspector says road is block and no one can go as it is dangerous.

Laksh asks the driver to reach Maheshwari house and promises to give him money there. Driver says okay. Laksh with his injured leg starts walking and then manages to run. Sumi tries to free her hands from rope. Ragini threatens Swara silently and shows the phone in her hand. However Sumi manages to open the rope and sees Dadi coming there. Pandit ji continues to recite the mantras. Sanskar asks Swara not to do this big mistake. Sujata comes down. Adarsh asks what you are doing here? Sujata says I am still unwell, but have to attend my son’s wedding. Adarsh takes her downstairs. Swara says we don’t have any way out. Sanskar says Ragini can’t do anything and I will not let her do anything. Swara cries and says I don’t trust her. Sanskar says you ar shivering, we are tied in this relation to expose Ragini, but you are more important to me than bringing out Ragini’s truth. I can’t see you like this and says sorry. He gets up shocking Swara. Pandit ji asks why did you get up? Sanskar says to Durga Prasad, Sujata that……..He recalls Ragini’s threat and sits back.

Pandit ji asks Swara’s parents to do the kanyadaan, but Durga Prasad and Annapurna do the kanyadaan rituals. Laksh runs on the road to reach the mandap. He sees a jug of water and drinks it. He sees a man parking his bike and drives his bike to reach the house. The man runs after him. Dadi goes after taking clothes. Sumi opens the rope and frees her hands and legs. She tries to go, but sees Dadi standing. She requests her to let her go, and try to understand. Dadi asks her not to do drama and asks her to sit silently. Sumi refuses and says she needs to go. She apologizes and pushes her on ground. Then she locks her in the room and goes. She says I am coming Shona, and can’t see anything bad happen to you. Dadi calls Ragini and informs her that Sumi has eloped. Pandit ji asks who will do the ghat bandhan. Parineeta do the ghat bandhan. Ragini asks how can you let her go? Dadi says I tried, but…….She asks about Laksh. Ragini disconnects the call. Laksh is on the way on bike and drives fast. Pandit ji asks Swara and Sanskar to get up for pheras. Swara and Sanskar take the pheras while Ragini is still tensed and showers flower petals on them. Sumi walks on the road to reach maheshwari house. Everyone shower flower petals on them happily. Swara’s eyes are hooked on the door as she waits for Laksh to come and stop her wedding. Ragini too looks at the door tensedly. Suddenly the bike stops. Laksh gets down the bike and shouts. Sumi faints and falls on road.

Laksh continues to run. Swara and Sanskar normally takes the rounds Along with the hope that Laksh stops their relationship. Laksh enters Maheshwari household and opens the gate. He runs inside and falls down. Pandit ji declares that 7 pheras are finished and asks them to sit down. Laksh comes within. Pandit ji asks Sanskar to help make Swara have on mangalsutra. Laksh is stunned as Sanskar would make her have on mangalsutra. Laksh is teary eyed. Pandit ji asks Sanskar to fill Swara’s maang with sindoor. Sanskar fills her maang with sindoor and closes his eyes. Swara is teary eyed as her hope has broken. Laksh is stunned and heart broken. Pandit ji declares that marriage is concluded and asks them to get elders’ blessings. Ragini turns and sees Laksh standing. She’s shocked.

Laksh asks Ragini, why you didn’t end Swara. Ragini suggests I tried, but she didn’t hear. Laksh tells he fell down during the river and tells Swara was declaring proper. She didn’t lie. Laksh seems at Swara.

Written Update By Sahir


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