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Swaragini 6th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Swara telling Sanskar that she is happy for him. Sanskar asks about her notes, love confession, tape recorder etc….and asks what is all that? Swara says it was our past Sanskar…..Sanskar says so it was our past….you meant that you don’t love me. Swara says no. Kavita comes to kitchen and says good morning to Annapurna and Sujata. Annapurna tells her good morning. Kavita says she wants to help them. Sujata asks her to rest. Kavita says it is my duty to help you. Ragini comes and says Sujata is right, you should rest and need not work. She asks Annapurna, Sujata and Uttara to rest, and says you don’t have to work from today. She asks servant to make food etc. She tells Annapurna that she is going to attend her mum’s barsi. Kavita says she saw her mum yesterday. Ragini says it is Swara and my mum, but Janki maa is my own mum. She tells that she died as she fell down the stairs. Sujata says everything is changed as Kavita came home. Annapurna says who brought her here, Swara……

Sanskar asks her to think about their love and says Kavita is his past. Swara asks him not to refuse old love and says you are lucky to get her back. She says Kavita is alone and have no one with her. She keeps her hand on his mouth and asks him not to make her weak with his words. Sanskar says okay and asks what do you want? Swara asks him to understand Kavita’s feelings, and asks him to take a decision thinking about her. She says you have to decide thinking what do you want, and don’t think about people or my feelings. Sujata says I am not snatching anything from Swara, and says I couldn’t lower her favors. Annapurna says Sanskar loves Swara too. Sujata says Sanskar loves Kavita too, and says our thinking has changed now. Annapurna says our thinking is changed because of Swara. Sujata says Sanskar loved Kavita too, and when she is back wanting to marry him, then I will not back off. She says Kavita was Sanskar’s first love. Annapurna says Swara and Sanskar are real life partner in true means as they held each other others when no one was with them, and leaves the decision on Sanskar.

Swara does the arrangement of the puja. Dadi serves food to Dada ji and says she will give medicine. Dada ji scolds her to staying in Ragini’s house and misbehaving with her inlaws, and says you was least bothered about me. He says Shekhar told me everything. Dadi thinks Ragini haven’t come till now. Ragini comes. Swara gives her photo frame and says Baba told her that Ragini used to place garland on the photo. Ragini thanks her and places garland on the photo frame. Laksh enters there and sits for puja. Pandit ji starts the puja. Ragini cries and gets emotional on her mum’s barsi. Pandit ji asks them to do daan. Shekhar does the rituals. Pandit ji asks him to put the bhog for the crows and asks everyone to do dhyaan with closed eyes. A crow comes to eat the bhog, but some lady comes and throws the bhog. Pandit ji asks what you have done? The lady’s face is revealed and she looks angrily.

Ragini looks at the lady and calls her Urvashi maasi. She asks why did you do this. Pandit ji says Pooja is ruined. Swara says she did it mistakenly. Urvashi says why you are doing this pint daan and says my jiju isn’t happy and her soul is not at peace, she herself told me this. Everyone is shocked.

Sanskar recalls about Swara’s words that she don’t love him and reminding him of his love for Kavita. Durga Prasad calls Sanskar and says it is good that you came, I need to talk to you about something important. Sanskar asks what do you want to say? Durga Prasad says I can understand what you are feeling after Kavita returned in your life, and says Kavita has asked something from him. Kavita tells that they should get engaged and marry. Sanskar is shocked.

Kavita says I was thinking that I couldn’t stay here for long and that’s why talked about my marriage with you. She says her mum was always busy in performances and then Sanskar came in her life. She asks Annapurna to bless their relation. Sujata agrees and gives her approval. She tells Sanskar that Kavita wants to get engaged to him tomorrow. Durga Prasad asks her to let him decide and gives time. Annapurna asks Kavita to give some time to Sanskar to take a decision. Kavita says she has taken a decision and asks will you get engaged to me tomorrow.
Sanskar thinks about Swara’s words asking him to think about Kavita, and thinks what does he want. He agrees surprising everyone.

Precap: Sanskar and Kavita get engaged. Kavita announces that Sanskar will sing for her. Sanskar sings an emotional song. Swara couldn’t stop her emotions and runs towards him to hug him surprising and shocking everyone, specially Kavita.

Written Update By H Hasan


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