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Swaragini 5th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini watch online

The Episode starts with Sujata asking Annapurna why she is taking Ragini’s side. Annapurna says she is not taking her side, but if we do same like her then what will be difference between us. Ragini hears them. Sujata warns Ragini. Annapurna asks her to stop it. Sujata says atleast she didn’t give us a reply. Annapurna says we did wrong with Swara and couldn’t stop her when she was going. Kavita asks Sanskar if nothing has changed. Sanskar shows something and says it was your last thing and I have kept it safely. Kavita asks if something happened? Why he is looking worried. Sanskar says he has made up his mind that she is no more, and is now making him understand that she is alive. She reminds him of the night before they were about to marry, where Sanskar promises to be with her always. Swara is still confused about Sanskar’s decision. Kavita hugs Sanskar and tells him that if she loses him again, then she will die. Sanskar gets tensed hearing her words.

Swara cries thinking about Sanskar. Sumi comes and asks what she is doing? Swara says she is preparing for tomorrow. Sumi asks her to eat food, and asks what she is preparing? Swara says she is preparing for Janki maa’s barsi puja. Sumi asks what you are doing? She asks if she wants to prove that she is not getting affected with Sanskar and Kavita’s union. Swara hugs her and cries saying she can’t forget Sanskar. Shekhar comes and sympathizes with her. Swara says she will attend the barsi for the first time and hopes Ragini gets her mum’s blessings. She says she wants old Ragini and not this Ragini who has changed a lot. Shekhar hugs her.

Laksh and Ragini are in the room. He asks her not to let the wound open. Ragini says this wouldn’t have happened if you….Laksh says if I haven’t broken engagement, marriage etc. He asks her not to argue and apply ointment. Just then Dadi comes and reminds Ragini that tomorrow is her mum’s barsi. Ragini says Swara messaged me. Ragini tells Laksh that tomorrow is her mum’s barsi and she wants to sit with him as per the ritual. Dadi says he won’t come. Ragini says I am talking to my husband. Laksh asks about the time and says he will come. He says I can understand about the importance of the day. Dadi says can you wake up so early? Ragini asks Dadi to come with her and asks how can she talk to Laksh rudely? Dadi says I don’t believe on his intentions. Ragini says he is my husband and asks her to go to Baadi. She says she will come with Laksh. Dadi is shocked. Sujata taunts her.

Swara misses Sanskar and cries. She thinks of Kavita’s words and cries. Sanskar is also restless and thinks about Swara. He hears someone playing guitar and thinks Swara has returned. He goes near her and hugs her saying he was missing her. Kavita says she missed him too. Sanskar realizes that she is not Swara and gets uncomfortable. Kavita asks him about the tape in his hand, and says I can understand that your life is moved on. Swara sees Sanskar and turns her face. Sanskar calls her name. Swara tells him that she came to buy some stuff for Janki’s barsi. She asks if everyone is fine at home. Sanskar says I came to meet you and says I couldn’t say anything to you as everything happened in a hurry. Swara asks him not to say and says our relation ended. She says everyone will agree with your alliance with Kavita and talks about their marriage. Sanskar holds her and asks if she thought about them, their relation etc.

Sanskar tells Kavita that he loves Swara. Sanskar asks Swara if she don’t love him. Swara says she doesn’t love him. During the barsi, Janki’s sister comes and tells that her sister is unhappy and she told herself.

Written Update By H Hasan


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