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Swaragini 4th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini watch online

The Episode starts with Sumi locking the door. Her saree pallu gets stuck on to the door bolt. Ragini tells Sumi that their house don’t want them to go. Shekhar says but I want, taxi have come, takes the bags and leave. Sumi and Ragini cry and look at the door. Dadi looks at Dida’s house and recalls the memories. Sumi and Ragini look at the door while leaving. Kavya asks Swara, if she liked her Oscar’s performance. Swara says it was good, but I will take off the cloth from his eyes. Kavya says you don’t know what I can do to keep Laksh trapped in my love. She says you can’t take Laksh on your side. Swara says I don’t have any interest to see your face. Kavya says I came to warn you and asks her to stop her acting to be good bahu. Swara asks why? So that you can trouble mey family? Kavya says you doesn’t know what I can do in madness. Swara says I can seen your depth, and tells about wig incident. She says I won’t back off. Kavya says you are bahu as I am letting you stay here. She says your baba’s hand was broken that day and that’s why you haven’t suffered any promise thing. She asks her to think if anything happened to him. Swara raised her hand to slap Kavya, but she stops her hand. Swara asks her to leave from her room before she does something.

Swara recalls Dadi accusing Swara for Shekhar’s accident. She calls Ragini. Ragini hears the ringtone and says her phone is left in the house. She says she will take her phone, but Shekhar asks her not to make excuse and get inside the house. They leave from the house. Swara calls Sumi, but her phone fails to connect. Swara calls Shekhar. Ragini picks the call and says hello Swara. Swara says I am calling you since long. She says I called you to inform that baba’s accident was done by Kavya. Ragini is shocked and asks how? Shekhar looks for his phone and sees Ragini talking. He asks Ragini with whom she is talking? He says atlast you told her. Ragini says your accident haven’t happened because of promise break, and says your accident was planned by Kavya. She asks him to talk to her once. Shekhar says I am not angry with her because of accident, but because she has broken my promise. He asks her to come. Swara says Dadi saying Bikaner, and runs out.

Sumi tells Ragini if Kavya did Shekhar’s accident? Ragini says yes and sayI thought baba will forgive Swara hearing this, but…..Swara informs Annapurna that she is going to bus stand and asks her to inform Sanskar. Shekhar, Ragini, Sumi, Dadi and Dada ji board the bus. Swara comes in her car and sees the Bikaner bus leaving. She shouts asking driver to stop the bus and runs behind the bus. She cries and sees the bus going. Just then she sees Shekhar’s voice speaking to Dadi that he will bring something for them to eat. Swara goes near him, apologizes to him and says you are upset with me as I have broken your promise. She says you have taught me to help the enemies in their trouble, and says this family is my inlaws. She says your daughter is not stubborn to take such step. She says I know whatever happened with Ragini was wrong, and asks him to trust her and says Annapurna is repenting for Laksh’s doings and felt Ragini’s pain. She says you have taught us that nobody can be happy if we promotes hatredness.

She says I have done a mistake by not following your words, apologizes, and requests him. She says I can’t choose any 1 family among my two families, and asks him not to go far from her. Everyone looks on. Bus Conductor asks them to come if they are done with crying, and asks them to get Swara’s ticket. Shekhar says she is not coming with us and leave her hand. They leave. Swara cries and bends down on the road. She sees the bus left. Shekhar keeps hand on her shoulder. Swara cries looking at him, says baba and asks if you have forgiven me. Shekhar hugs her and says I am not upset with you, but with the circumstances. He asks her not to ask him to have relation with that family, which he can’t do. Swara hugs her family members. Dadi and Dada also forgive her. Ragini hugs Swara and says I am with you, you are not alone. Swaragini plays………….Swara thanks her and says I can now fight with more strength. Swara and Ragini hug Shekhar while Swaragini plays………..

Swara comes home and hugs Annapurna and Sujata happily. Swara says I am very happy today. Sujata asks if kavya is dead? Swara says baba have forgiven me. Sujata says Swara is very lucky and convinces everyone. She asks Swara to call her family to Mahashivratri function. Swara smiles. Annapurna says let it be, it takes time to fill the wounds. Sujata says I have good news too, and says did you know why am I happy? She says black cat is not at home. Swara asks if she went somewhere, and says she will search for proofs in the room. Annapurna takes Sujata with her. Swara goes to Kavya’s room and searches in her cupboard. Sujata brings the guitar and says we will make Swara sing bhajan in the mahashivratri function. Just then Kavya comes. Annapurna asks Sujata to do something as Swara is in Kavya’s room.

Sujata calls Kavya and asks her to sing bhajan in the function. Kavya says she can do party all night and not aarti all night. Swara searches for the proofs in the room and hears Sujata’s voice. Sujata asks Kavya to sing as well. Swara leaves from the room. Sujata sings bhajan and forces her to sing as well. Swara comes. Sujata asks her to go. Kavya says thank god, you are done, else Shiv ji will come and curse you. Kavya asks Swara to go and practice. Swara asks her to do planning being bad bahu. Sujata asks if I sing badly. Annapurna says no. Swara smiles.

Later Swara tells Sanskar that she came to know that Kavya is from Delhi, and became actress. She says Kavya refuses to talk about her past, and tells about her future. Kavya tells Laksh that she was at home all day, and the family behaved like she is untouchable. Laksh cheers her up and sees the wind chime. Kavya says I brought it and says she wanted to bring it for Swara and Sanskar, but they think her wrong. Laksh says if you are getting many negative vibes here, then we will shift to flat. Kavya says no and says she don’t want to take the blame of separating him with his family. She asks him to sleep. Sanskar tells Swara that they will get something against her.

Sanskar says even Kavya has slept, may be she is tired up after making plans all day. Kavya wakes up and switches on and off the wind chime light. Swara and Sanskar see her switching on and off the lights. Sanskar says she must be signalling someone. Swara says we shall hide and see. Kavya comes out of house and sits in her car. Swara says we shall follow her. Laksh comes out and sits in the car also. Swara asks Sanskar to come. Sanskar says Laksh went with her, what is the point to follow them. Swara insists. They leave in their car. Swara and Sanskar stop the car and looks on.

Ragini asks Swara about Kavya. Swara says Laksh is blinded by Kavya badly and he trusts her. Swara tells Sanskar that Kavya will do something wrong when the chat wala turns to sell icecream the next day.

Written Update By H Hasan


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