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Swaragini 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini watch online

The Episode starts with Swara greeting Maheshwari family. Uttara invites them for sangeet practice. Sanskar also comes. Uttara asks him to come. Parineeta, Annapurna and Sujata gives clothes and jewellery to Swara, and invite everyone. Urvashi says we all will come to the unique sangeet which is celebrated by both the family. Annapurna says they are getting a good bahu. Sanskar tells Swara that he wants to talk to Swara. Swara tells Sanskar that it was not Janki’s ghost and Urvashi is behind everything. Sanskar says it might be your assumption. Ragini hears her and says you have seen my maa. Everyone has seen except me. She gets teary eyes and cries. Swara says it was just a trick. She tells Sanskar that she is going with Laksh. Swara asks Sanskar to go and says she will meet him tomorrow. Sanskar asks her to take care and leaves.

Urvashi calls Kavita and asks her to meet her in the evening. Sumi tells Swara that Ragini went suddenly, and Sanskar seems to be tensed. She says I don’t want anyone to come in between you and Sanskar. Swara says nobody can come inbetween us and I won’t let Urvashi Maasi troubled you. She says I will come in few mins. Urvashi meets Kavita at her place and says they are happy with the sangeet arrangements. She says I have diverted Swara’s mind yesterday and helped you eloped from there. Kavita says tomorrow is sangeet. We shall go there and end Swara’s chapter for once and all. Swara is seen coming there, just as Kavita and Urvashi leave from there.

Ragini cries. Laksh asks what happened? Ragini says Swara has seen my mum. Laksh is surprised. Ragini asks am I bad? Everyone loves Swara more than me. My mum appeared infront of Swara. She says I don’t want Swara to get hurt in any way, but today….I felt bad. My mum came back after so many years, but she didn’t meet me. I can just heard her once. She asks Laksh if her mum hates her like everyone. Laksh says it is not like that. She must have thought you are happy and that’s why…..Ragini hugs him and asks why she couldn’t see Maa. Swara comes inside the house and thinks someone was here and left just now. She finds two tea cups and thinks it is still hot. She says there are two tea cups and opines someone is helping Urvashi. She finds a mask there and wears it.

Ragini tells Laksh that she wish to see her mum once. Laksh comforts her. Swara wears the mask. She is shocked to see Janki’s face. She comes back to her house and thinks Urvashi is doing right. Janki maa might be pained seeing this. She thinks to call Sanskar, but thinks she can’t tell him now. She thinks to get concrete proof before and then will expose her.

Sanskar thinks to call Swara. She thinks about the recent conversation with Swara and disconnects the call. Later in night, Laksh wakes up and gets thinking. He recalls Ragini torturing his family. He says I know you have changed Ragini….but whatever you have done with my family. I can’t forgive you for this so easily. He recalls Annapurna’s words that Ragini has changed and became innocent and simpleton like before. Shekhar and Dada ji comes home. Dadi informs them that Janki had attacked her. Shekhar asks what? Urvashi brings tea and asks them to get ready as they have to go to Maheshwari house. Shekhar asks what she is doing here? Dadi says Urvashi will stay here till Swara’s marriage. Swara asks Urvashi to get ready. She thinks I can keep an eye on you.

Shekhar and his family come to Maheshwari house and do the ritual. Annapurna says rituals are done. Sanskar asks Swara why she didn’t call him yesterday. Swara says the same. Annapurna makes them eat the sweets. Ragini looks on. Laksh asks are you feeling jealous? Ragini says never. She says everyone loves Swara and forgives her easily. She says I had some dreams and I wanted my marriage to be done like this. Laksh says you have entered my life forcibly. Ragini asks what? Laksh asks her to forget it. He says excuse me all. He says I have realized that these rituals are good and we have missed it. He says if Swara and Sanskar don’t have any problem, then I want to marry Ragini with them in their mandap. Swara and Sanskar smiles happily. Everyone is happy approving his decision.

Sumi slaps Urvashi hard. Urvashi says you haven’t done right and you all will never be happy. Urvashi warns Ragini and fills her mind against Swara. Swara asks her to go from their life.

Written Update By H Hasan


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