Swaragini 3rd November 2016 Written Update

Swaragini 3rd November 2016 Written Episode Update


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Swaragini 3rd November 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ragini calling district hospital and enquires about Laksh. Receptionist says that they have no patient by this name. Woman says she is saying truth and Laksh was taken to the same hospital. Swara asks Ragini to go with Nikhil and woman to that hospital and show them Laksh’s photo. She asks her not to take tension. Gayatri tells Sujata that they are getting insulted and made to wait by the wedding planners. She is angry as dance program is halted in the middle. Just then Swara comes and dances on the song Diwani Hogayi……..Sanskar is shocked to see Swara dancing. Gayatri smiles and likes her dance. Swara is teary eyes and wipes her tears. Sanskar tries to stop her, but Sujata stops him. Swara continues to dance….All Maheshwari family are not happy to see swara dancing.
Swara’s dance performance ends. Everyone claps for her. Gayatri makes her wear notes garland shocking everyone. She says you should be dancer and is best at dancing rather than wedding planning. Sanskar is shocked.

Ragini asks Nikhil to drive fast. Swara is in the room and cries badly. Durga Prasad and Annapurna come there. Swara hugs her and cries. Annapurna asks why did you dance, and got yourself insulted. Durga Prasad says I can understand, but our name is getting ruined because of your move. Annapurna asks about the dancer. Swara says I have no option. She says they came to know about Laksh because of that woman. She says I sent Ragini and Nikhil with that woman/dancer to the hospital.

Ragini and Nikhil come to the hospital and enquire about Laksh. They show his photo. Nurse says she will talk to her senior. Just then a doctor comes and says when he came here, we didn’t know about him and everyone know him with his bed number. Swara calls Ragini. Ragini tells Swara that Laksh is here, and I will call you in sometime to give good news. Swara informs Durga Prasad and Annapurna. Ragini asks Doctor to make her meet him, and says she is waiting for him since 6 months. Doctor says you can’t meet him as he died 3 days ago. We have done his last rites. Ragini is shocked and shattered.

Nikhil asks how can you do his last rites. Doctor says we have done everything legally and shows the newspaper in which they have published missing news, and other things. Ragini is shocked and shattered. She walks out of the hospital recalling him. Nikhil tries to console her, but stops. He gets Swara’s call. Nikhil is about to tell her about Laksh’s death.

Ragini recalls Swara promising that she will not fill her maang until Laksh comes back. She takes the phone and tells Swara that Laksh went somewhere and is not here. Swara says how can he go? Ragini asks did you talk to Annapurna and Durga Prasad? Swara says I told them. Ragini asks her to tell them that Laksh will return as he can’t stay without her. Ragini cries badly. Swara says we will find him. Swara cries and thinks she knows about Ragini’s shock. Sanskar comes to Swara and asks what happened? Why you are sad. He says you might be thinking about Nikhil. He asks her to wait till Uttara’s wedding, then she can spend time with Nikhil. Swara is angry. Sanskar asks did I say wrong? Swara tells him that she is wedding planner here, and asks him to talk about work only and don’t interfere in her life. Nikhil asks Ragini, why did you hide this fact from Swara? She says even she shall know this truth.

Gayatri and her husband see Swara and Sanskar sitting close in room. She blames Swara for trapping men. Sanskar loses his cool and informs her that Swara is his wife. Gayatri is shocked.

Written Update by H Hasan

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