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Swaragini 3rd November 2015 Written Update

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Dadi cries. Sumi asks her not to worry and tells that Ragini will get her love and Swara will get Sanskar. She asks her to get ready as Annapurna called them to Maheshwari house. Dadi says you are very good and says she couldn’t see her good all these years. Ragini tells Laksh that you are feeling ashamed to spend time with me and went to your bhabhi’s room late in night. She threatens to inform family. Laksh tells her that they will sit there. Ragini calls Swara and puts the call on. Swara picks the call on. Ragini tells Laksh that she has understood the reality and says you have not forget her, and that’s why you are in no mood to move ahead with me. She says may be Swara is with you, and that’s why you was in her room. Laksh asks her to give time. Ragini says Swara has kept fast for Sanskar, but you are still holding her memories. She says you was looking at her in the morning, and says she will leave him if he asks her. Swara hears everything and says Ragini……………………..She says Ragini might get unwell being stressed. Laksh says there is nothing as such. Ragini says sure, and keeps his hand on her head. She asks him to promise that he will try to take their marriage to next level. Laksh is shocked.

Laksh turns and says he can’t take wrong promise. He says I will never forget Swara and can’t give her place to you. He then thinks about Swara’s words about Ragini’s health. He says I mean to say that I can’t give you place right now, but will try. He turns and sees her missing. Swara calls Laksh and tells that Ragini called her mistakenly. She says she heard their conversation. Laksh is surprised. Swara asks where are they? Laksh tells the address. Ragini hides behind the tree and asks Laksh to find her. She says my sister might be coming here. Laksh tries to search her and asks the people. Swara reaches there and asks Laksh where is Ragini? Ragini sees them together. Swara panics and calls Ragini’s mobile. Ragini says I hope to see you both worried for me like this always, but I have other work too.

Annapurna asks Parineeta to bring Kalash. Parineeta sees Ragini and asks you came. Ragini says yes. Sujata tells Annapurna that she is feeling weak. Annapurna asks her to take rest for sometime. Sujata is about to fall down, but Annapurna holds her and makes her sit. Ragini gets Swara’s call. She picks the call and asks why you are troubling me. Swara asks where are you? She asks if she is alright? Ragini says she don’t want to talk to her as her life is ruined because of her. She asks her not to care for her and become great in everyone eyes. She says her husband makes her feel that he still loves her sister and says her head is paining. Swara gets worried and asks where is she? Ragini agrees on a condition, and asks her not to tell Laksh. She tells she is in park and is going home ( She lies to her as she is at home).

Sujata thinks her well being deteriorates observing Ragini. Annapurna asks Ragini, why did she arrive early? Ragini claims Laksh got a get in touch with and he left. Sujata asks her to deliver chair. Ragini asks her to just take relaxation. Swara asks Laksh to return and claims her sister is within the inexperienced view park. She states Ragini is unwell and asks him to come. Laksh suggests she is fine and performing. He tells someday I felt current and loses memory In accordance with my benefit. Swara suggests I saw her soreness and claims her tears usually are not Untrue. Laksh says tears are her weapon. Swara suggests her tears are genuine and suggests she has firm feel on her sister. She states her sister won’t do any mistake once again. Ragini calls an individual. Laksh asks if he proves Ragini Improper then? Swara claims you could’t as she is not Mistaken. She claims she hopes to go to Ragini. She asks him not to play together with her sister’s everyday living. Laksh suggests he is her husband and is not going to let anything happen to her. Swara asks what Are you interested in? Laksh asks her to guarantee that if he proves her sister Mistaken then she’ll kick her sister, after which return in his everyday living yet again. He claims if I couldn’t confirm her Incorrect then I will accept Ragini and give her wifey rights with no complaints. He asks Swara to guarantee.

Swara is becoming kidnapped. Laksh sees her kidnapped and beats the goons. He then rescues her and kisses on her forehead. Somebody clicks their pics. Durga Prasad and Annapurna are going somewhere. Annapurna states they will be back in two mins. Ragini thinks when Durga Prasad sees the Image then it is going to get greater than 2 mins, as she is definitely the just one who did the conspiracy.

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