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Swaragini 3rd June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Swara playing with the kids and asks Ragini to play as well. Ragini says next time and goes. Swaragini plays………Maya tells Durga Prasad that Sahil has some suggestions for the foundation. Durga Prasad says he has a firm belief that Swara will return home with the help of music. Sahil and Sanskar talk to each other. Sanskar says you have good quality to become friends. Sahil says his friends can’t bear his jokes. He apologizes and says if I would have known it is you, then I would have hit you more hard, as you have snatched my friend. Sanskar hugs him. Sahil asks him to trust him.

Sujata asks why did you hide such a big truth from us. She says our nose will cut in society. Laksh asks her to talk slowly. Shekhar asks her to listen…Sujata scolds them and asks if their age is to become parents. Ragini comes. Laksh asks Annapurna to make Sujata understand. Annapurna hesitantly says that it is very strange. Sujata says this age is suitable to become nani and not mum. I told you to give advice to your daughters, but you took it on yours. Swara asks the kids to come to her house and take the ball. Sumi apologizes and says you are right.

Ragini says Maa. Sumi says let me talk and apologizes to everyone. Laksh says you didn’t do wrong. Sumi tells Dadi that you said right, and says this baby can’t come in this world. She asks Shekhar, Laksh and Ragini to support her in her decision and says she will abort the child. Swara is about to go to her house, but one of the kid tells her that Dida’s door is not locked. They come inside and search for the ball.

Sanskar says Swara is the reason for my life. Sahil says he didn’t find anyone till now who can take his love Ayesha’s place. Sanskar asks what happened to her? Sahil says during his concert, his rival had fixed electric current wire in his guitar, and Ayesha held it and died. Sanskar says your pain is more severe than mine. Swara searches for the ball. Sahil says Ayesha might be very angry and that’s why she sent Swara to me. He says Swara is very special to me, she gave my music to me, and promises Sanskar that he will help him get Swara back. Sanskar thanks him.

Swara happens to see her marriage photo frame with Sanskar, and is shocked. She thinks how can that murderer be my husband. She thinks if Sumi is hiding something with her, and breaks the photo frame in shock. Ragini asks Sumi to think and says this is not right. Annapurna tells Parineeta and Sujata that they shall leave. Sujata says yes, and says I hope Sumi don’t change her decision. Annapurna tells Laksh that they are waiting for him in the car, and gives rasmalai for Swara. They leave. Laksh folds his hands and apologizes. Shekhar asks him to go home, and says I am here to take care of everyone. Ragini tells Laksh that she wants to stay with Sumi for sometime. Laksh nods his head.

Shekhar asks Ragini to go. Dadi also says the same. Sumi is in shock. Dadi asks Sumi to come and says your decision is right. Shekhar looks on shocked. Dadi says Maheshwari family told enough. Swara is walking on the road and thinks about Sanskar. Swara is about to get hit by the car. Sahil comes there and asks Swara..what happened to her. Swara says her hand is hurting. Sahil leaves her hand and asks her to tell. Swara tells him that Sanskar is her husband and says I got married to him. My family lied and hidden the truth from me. Sahil asks her to calm down and trust him. Shekhar tells Sumi that he don’t agree with her decision and asks her to think with calm mind. Shekhar comes out and asks kids about Swara. One of the kid tells him that they went to Dida’s house to get ball and then Swara haven’t come to play with them again. Shekhar goes to Dida’s house and sees the broken photo frame. He says Swara got to know about her marriage.

Swara asks Laksh if you have done the arrangements. Laksh says no, and says my brother have done these arrangements. Swara is shocked to see Sanskar and refuses to stay. Later Sanskar changes his get up and says Kisan will make you recollect our love Swara. Swara falls in his arms.

Written Update by H Hasan

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