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Swaragini 3rd December 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Swara saying she didn’t know anything. Inspector says okay and asks to show red blanket which was witnessed in the video. Annapurna says okay and goes to bring that blanket. Durga Prasad asks if you will get clue from it. Inspector says yes and says they will get some clue. Annapurna comes back and tells that the blanket is not there. She says someone might have taken it. Inspector says I have to search your house. Durga Prasad agrees and let him search the house for the blanket. He comes back and says they couldn’t find the blanket. He says he has to start the enquiry and says criminal must be famly member. Annapurna says I kept that shawl, then where did it go. Swara looks at Sanskar. Ragini asks Swara to come with her. They go to room. Ragini says it is good that you didn’t take Sanskar’s name, else he would have been trapped, although he is innocent. Swara asks since when you have started caring for me and Sanskar. Ragini says I don’t want anything to happen to him as he is innocent. Swara says you have accused me for kidnapping and asks why didn’t you think before. Ragini says I was sure as I saw long hairs. Swara says you have broken my trust twice, and it will be difficult to trust you again. I will help you search the kidnapper and says but our thinking will be different. She says I know that Sanskar can’t do the kidnapping and thinks why did he burn the blanket then. Ragini says only he can answer us.

Sanskar talks to his manager and says he is bringing file. Swara comes to him and says Ragini said that there is a nail marks on kidnapper’s hand. Sanskar is still angry and says Ragini trusts me, but not you. Swara says I trust you, but that blanket….Sanskar says if you really trust me then you would not have questioned me. Sujata hears them and thinks what is happening in the house. She stops Sanskar and says we shall celebrate Bhai Dooj’s celebration today. She asks him to come early in the evening and asks about Swara’s words. Sanskar says he is getting late for meeting and asks if she wants to come. He leaves. Sujata says he don’t reply to any of my question. Sujata thinks Swara is behind everything and is sure that she has done black magic on her son. Swara comes to Ragini and says I am doing this for Sanskar. I can’t trust you, but will support you as it is neccesary to find the kidnapper. Ragini sees a reflection and asks Swara to keep quiet. She tells her that there was someone there. They hear someone closing the door and comes to Adarsh’s room. They see Adarsh applying ointment on his hand. Ragini says it means Adarsh had kidnapped me. Swara asks her to stop it accusing everyone. She says we don’t have any proof. Ragini asks how we will get the proof. Swara says we will get the proof when Uttara do Bhai Dooj’s ritual. I know what she has brought for her brothers.

Uttara do the bhai dooj ritual and gives gifts to her brother. She does their aarti. Her brothers give her gifts. Swara asks Uttara to make Adarsh wear the watch which she brought. Adarsh forwards his other hand. Parineeta says you wear watch on other hand. Adarsh says I forgot and feels pain while pulling up the sleeve. Parineeta asks him to show. Uttara says you got the tattoo on hand. Everyone see Parineeta’s name tattoo on his hand.

Swara tells Ragini that even Adarsh is innocent. How we will reach the real culprit. Laksh come and says shall I help. Even though I haven’t done detective couse, but I can help. Ragini asks how do you know. Laksh says I know and asks what they were searching. Swara says nail marks on hand. Laksh says okay, tell me if you need anything. Swara asks Laksh to show his hand. Laksh is shocked and says you are doubting me. He is about his show his left hand, but Ragini asks him to show his other hand. He says even you are doubting me. Swara asks him to remove the wrist band. Laksh shows his hand. Swara looks on.

Laksh throws his jacket and pulls out fake skin from his hand revealing the nail marks on his hand.

Written Update By H Hasan


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