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Swaragini 31st March 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Swara telling Kavya/Tania that she is mentally sick and needs to stay in mental asylum. Tania shouts at Swara. Laksh asks Tania not to talk about love. Tania says you didn’t know about love and says you have betrayed me for Ragini who thinks you are perfect. Ragini says you can’t understand about family and home. Sanskar supports Ragini’s words. Tania says I will not spare you Laksh, and will ruin you. Inspector asks Constable to arrest her. Laksh asks Inspector not to let Kavya/Tania step out of jail. Swara says her brother is still at large. Inspector says he will catch him also. Tania picks Inspector’s pistol and takes Annapurna at gun point. She pushes Annapurna and elopes on Karthik’s bike as he was waiting for her outside. They come out and sees Tania and Karthik running away.

Inspector calls the control room. Karthik tells her that he knows that something is wrong and that’s why he came here. Laksh and Sanskar follow them in their car, while police follows them in their car. Tania and Karthik fall down from the bike. Karthik asks Kavya to run from there while his feet gets stuck by the stone. Laksh, Sanskar and Police come there. Laksh slaps Karthik and asks him to tell where is Tania? He calls him Saale repeatedly…lol. Inspector asks Constables to search for Tania and says she must be here only. Tania comes out from the grass and thinks she has to elope from there as she has to take revenge from everyone. She tells that this game is not over yet. Sanskar and Laksh sit in their car. Laksh says everything will be fine.

Shekhar, Sumi and Ragini watch the news. Reporter says Laksh Maheshwari is freed from all the charges. Annapurna does puja and aarti. Durga Prasad returns home from the Police station. All the men of the house meet their respective wives, after coming out of lock up. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham plays………………..Laksh cries and feels bad for his doings. He holds his ears and apologizes to Annapurna while the song plays…………..Annapurna hugs him. Laksh cries. Durga Prasad hugs him. Sujata and others also forgive and hugs him. Swara tells Sanskar that everything is fine now. Sanskar says you knew that I never break my promise. She hugs her.

Dadi holds Ragini’s hand and asks where is your protection thread. Ragini recalls tying protection thread on Laksh’s wrist. Durga Prasad thanks Swara and says you have made me indebted to you. He says Ragini and you have done so much for us. Sujata says Durga Prasad is saying right and hugs Swara. She says today is holika dahan. Annapurna says atleast now people will not blame us. Durga Prasad tells Swara that he wants to invite Ragini and their family for holika dahan. Sumi tells Dadi that Annapurna called and invited them for holika dahan.

Shekhar says we will go as you said yes, but I don’t think that we shall start going there again. Sumi asks Ragini if she has any objection going there. Ragini says no and says Dadimaa. Shekhar asks her to give some time to Dadi and says everything will be fine. Inspector asks Karthik where is Tania? Karthik says I don’t know where is my sister. Sanskar comes to Swara and says because of Ragini and you, the happiness returned home. Swara says we can’t sit back and relax until we get Tania. Sanskar says she can’t harm our family now. Swara thinks about her words and says she said that she will do something on holika dahan. Sanskar asks her not to worry, and says Police will arrest Tania when she goes to get her brother out of police station. He hugs her again. Swara thinks I am sure Tania is planning something big and will not sit silently.

Laksh, Ragini, Swara and Sanskar takes round around holika’s fire. Tania comes there and is about to stab Swara, but Ragini comes inbetween and gets stabbed by her. Swara shouts Ragini……………..

Written Update by H Hasan


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