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Swaragini 30th September 2015 Written Update

Sanskar shows the video to Ragini in which the goons are beating Laksh. She asks how can you get Laksh beaten by goons, he is your brother. Sanskar says if I can do this, then I can do more. Ragini cries. Sanskar asks Swara to come. Swara asks how can you do this with Laksh. Sanskar says I asked them not to beat Laksh, but…..Swara feels pain. Sanskar calls the goons and asks not to beat him. The goons say that they didn’t beat him intentionally and says he was trying to elope. Swara says it is wrong. Sanskar says everything happened because of me and I will end that. He asks about Sumi. Swara asks him not to trouble her. Ragini asks Sanskar to leave Laksh. Sanskar asks Ragini to accept her crimes. Ragini agrees. Sanskar says if this is your trick. Ragini says I am ready my truth infront of you all, but I want to tell my truth to Laksh before I tell to everyone. She asks Swara to promise that she will not let Laksh break his relation with her. Swara promises her and says their parents can unite again. She says we will become Swaragini again. Ragini says I will tell my truth to Sumi and Shekhar first.

Sanskar says she is in Badi Maa’s room. Ragini says she is not there. She says you have conspired against me, so I got kidnapped Maa. She tells Maa got a phone call that someone has proof against me. She went there and got kidnapped by me. She says you shall marry tomorrow, or tell your marriage truth. Swara says you can’t harm Maa even if you want to. She says this is your fear because of which you are shaking. Ragini says you gave me strength today. She tells if you try to hurt my Laksh, then you both have to bear pain for that injury. Annapurna do the arrangements for the marriage, and tells Ragini that mehendi cone is here. Annapurna asks servant to keep stuff in store room.

Ragini asks the person to keep the stuff there itself. He keeps the stuff and says I will close the window. Ragini asks him to go and close the window. She turns and see Sumi tied on the chair. She apologizes and says she is pained. She recalls calling Sumi and asking her to meet in Maheshwari house storeroom, if she wants proofs to prove Swara’s innocence. Sumi goes to store room without a second thinking. Ragini comes after her and closes the door. She then makes her smell chloroform, while apologizing to her. FB ends. Ragini apologizes and says I love you very much, and loves Laksh too. She says Swara can’t understand that I don’t see anything beyond Laksh. She acts madly and says I will come in the morning to apologize to you. Servant calls her and gives keys. Ragini says she will close the door and asks Swara to accept the defeat.

Swara cries and attempts calling Sumi. Sanskar states Sumi is kidnapped. Swara blames him for kidnapping Laksh and provoking Ragini. She receives angry and suggests you might not be worried about relationship tomorrow. Sanskar retains her and suggests I will likely not Allow anything materialize to Sumi. He suggests he don’t would like to marry her forcibly without the need of her would like. He asks her not to convey something to his adore and inner thoughts. Swara says I’m harm. Sujata arrives there and asks what they will do. Swara says I’ll tell the reality. She claims it is actually more than enough in the rat and cat activity, and claims she’s going to walk on the correct path and expose her.

Ragini asks Sanskar about Swara and asks him to call Swara back home for marriage. She comes to store room and Sanskar comes there saying her game is over. Later Laksh tells Swara that he will not believe her even if God comes and tells him. He slips and falls in river.

Written By: MA


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