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Swaragini 30th August 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Maheshwari family taking Durga Prasad to the hospital. Swara asks doctor to treat him immediately. Ragini consoles Annapurna and says he will be fine. Annapurna is in shock. Sanskar tells Laksh that he will go and get money. Swara comes. Sujata asks what did Doctor say? Swara says Doctor said that he got major heart attack. Annapurna is shocked. Swara asks her to take care of herself and have strength. Sanskar comes back and tells Laksh that he tried all cards, but it is all blocked. He says may be Adarsh got it blocked, as I called bank. Nurse comes and asks them to pay the money. Sanskar asks Swara to fill the form and says we will go and talk to Adarsh. Swara prays to Durga Maa.

Adarsh asks Laksh and Sanskar, if Papa got heart attack. Laksh says his condition is critical. Adarsh says you might need money naa. I will go and bring it. Laksh tells Sanskar that I told you that Adarsh bhaiyya will not leave Papa in this condition. Adarsh brings cheque and writes 5 lakhs rupees. He shows the cheque to them. Laksh thanks him and is about to take cheque, just then Adarsh tears cheque shocking them. He throws cheque pieces on them and says I am not in a mood to waste money on beggars like you. Laksh grabs his collar and asks how could you do this. Adarsh slaps him. They start fighting and beating each other. Adarsh falls down. Sanskar says if you tell anything about my family then you will not be spared.

Parineeta comes and shouts Adarsh. Adarsh gets up. Parineeta makes him sit on sofa. She asks how dare you to slap my husband. Laksh says please bhabhi, it is between our brothers. Parineeta says which brother, and says we have no relation with you all. Adarsh smirks. Sulekha looks on. Laksh grabs Adarsh’s collar and says if you are not my brother then you wouldn’t have been alive. Parineeta calls Ragini and asks her to take her husband and brother in law from there as they were begging and beaten up Adarsh. She says if I sent them to jail then don’t beg me.

Ragini asks Swara to come and says we need to go to Maheshwari house. Swara asks her to go alone and bring them, says we will arrange money. Ragini goes. Shekhar calls Swara and asks about Durga Prasad’s condition and about money arrangements. Swara says Adarsh didn’t give money. Ragini reaches there. Parineeta says they have done mistake. Ragini says they haven’t done wrong and says they thought he has a heart. She asks Laksh and Sanskar to come. Parineeta says we have no relation with Durga Prasad and says if you people do this again then I will call Police. Laksh shouts. Ragini tells Laksh and Sanskar that they are together and will fight with the troubles. Parineeta says I will burn the money rather than spending money on old man. Laksh gets angry. Sanskar says it is useless to waste our energy on them. Adarsh asks them to leave and says your old dad might die. Laksh and Sanskar grabs his collar. Ragini asks them to come and is leaving with them.

Parineeta asks them not to come again to beg for doing last rites if that old man dies. Ragini gets angry and slaps her hard. Parineeta falls down. Ragini asks her not to dare talk bad about her papa ji else… Parineeta says this slap will get costlier for you. Shekhar tries to get his shop papers. Dadi snatches it and says it is my husband’s shop and refuses to give money, even though Shekhar requests. Swara tells Sanskar that Dadi refused to give money. Nurse comes and asks them to bring injection. Swara gives money to Sanskar and asks him to get it. Sanskar asks from where did you get money? Ragini asks did you sell your bangles? Sanskar also says the same. Swara says nothing is important than family and asks Sanskar and Laksh to go and bring injection.

Sanskar and Laksh couldn’t get injection anywhere and is told that it is out of stock. Swara asks how can this happen? Parineeta calls Swara. Ragini asks her to keep phone on loudspeaker. Parineeta says I heard that your sasur need injection which couldn’t be found anywhere. She says you will not get that injection as I have brought all stock of that injection from market. Swara and Ragini are shocked.

Parineeta asks Ragini and Swara to rub their noses on her feet and says she will click the pic. Swara asks Ragini to pull Parineeta. They pull her and make her fall down. Ragini gets the injection, but it is broken. Doctor informs Annapurna that they have to do surgery.

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