Swaragini 2nd November 2016 Written Update

Swaragini 2nd November 2016 Written Episode Update


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Swaragini 2nd November 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Gayatri asking Sanskar to come with her, and asks Swara to play music and asks dancer to dance. Ragini looks for the butterfly tattoo girl. Nikhil comes to Ragini and asks if she knows about the folk dancer. Ragini asks about Swara. Nikhil says she is outside. Chirag comes there. Sujata gets happy seeing him, and asks him to stop there itself till she brings aarti. She does his aarti and welcomes him inside. Gayatri says he is our only son Chirag. Sujata introduces her family members. Gayatri says you came late, and I thought we have to cancel your engagement. Chirag says it is because of air traffic that he came late. Sujata calls Sanskar and introduces them to each other. Sujata says I told that she couldn’t get a guy like Chirag. Gayatri says for this, you need to give a good upbringing and says he never does anything without her wish. She asks why you people are sad, and tells even Sanskar is nice and made those wedding planners do best arrangements. Ragini comes to Swara and tells about the butterfly tattoo woman. Swara says we will find her. Uttara is brought there.

Sujata says lets start the dance. Dancers dance on the song Dhol Baaje…Butterfly tattoo girl was among them. Gayatri makes dancer wear notes garland. Swara and Ragini look for the woman. Chirag and Uttara look at each other. Suddenly dancer slips and falls down. Swara and Ragini see butterfly tattoo on her hand. Ragini is shocked to see her. Even the woman is shocked. Ragini asks Swara to stay there and says I will go following her. Gayatri scolds Swara for her arrangement. Swara says that dancer fractured her foot, and calls her aunty. Gayatri scolds her and asks since when I became your aunty. She says I will teach you a lesson if my son’s function is stopped. Annapurna asks why you are getting angry. Gayatri says my guests can’t go sad. Chirag says it is okay mom. Gayatri asks him to keep quiet and gives 5 mins to Swara, else….Swara looks on. Ragini asks the dancer to stop and asks her to answer before going. She is about to escape, but Swara comes infront of her.

Swara asks her to tell truth and says from where you got Laksh’s phone. Woman says she is a thief, but she doesn’t know the person. Ragini says he is my husband Laksh Maheshwari. Swara asks her to tell the truth. Woman says she was going to perform in the function, and saw Laksh on road. She says she checked his breath and sees him breathing. She calls emergency number. She tells that he was alive. A fb is shown, Laksh is unconscious on road. Fb ends. Woman says Laksh was taken to the hospital by the car who had hit him. She says it was district hospital. Someone comes and asks Swara to come fast. Ragini calls hospital and enquire about Laksh. Nurse checks and says they have no patient by this name. Ragini looks at the woman.

Swara asks Ragini to go with Nikhil to the hospital with Laksh’s photo. Doctor informs Ragini that the person died 3 days ago, and they have done his last rites. Ragini is shocked and teary eyes.

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