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Swaragini 2nd November 2015 Written Update

Ragini asks Sujata to keep Swara’s fast sargi and goes to call her. Sujata thinks Ragini is acting and remembers only the things which is benefitted to her. She comes to Swara’s room. Swara tries to clarify about the night. Ragini says I trust my husband, and asks her to keep fast for Sanskar else she will be forced to believe that there is something between her and Laksh. Swara says there is nothing as such. Ragini asks her to keep fast and takes Swara downstairs. She asks Annapurna if Swara’s sargi is ready. Sanskar says Swara will not keep fast. Ragini says Swara is a modern girl, but karwachauth fast is a belief of a married woman. Sanskar says Swara has no problem, but I have problem. He tells Swara is unwell and have cough. Sujata asks Swara what happened? Swara says it is okay and she will keep fast. Sanskar says he don’t believe in all this. Ragini asks Sujata to give sargi to Swara. Swara takes sargi and touches elders’ feet. Ragini takes her sargi and takes elders’ blessings. Laksh looks on. Ragini tells Annapurna that she is going with Laksh, and says Laksh has promised to spend a day with her. Annapurna asks now, and gives her permission. Ragini says we will return before sunset.

Sanskar knocks on the door. Swara asks him to come and says it is your room. Sanskar asks if you are keeping fast surely. Swara says she is keeping fast to give peace to Ragini. Sanskar says you should have supported me in my lie. Swara says your excuse was a lie, but our marriage is real. She says I am keeping this fast for someone closer. Sanskar says for Ragini. Swara says for my best friend’s long life also. Sanskar says I didn’t know that I will be in your prayers. Swara says she wants to talk to Maa. Sanskar says you want to tell her that you are doing this to unite Laksh and Ragini. Sanskar asks her not to tell anyone and says our relation has become drama. He says once everything is fine, you shall tell that you are not compatible with me and doesn’t like me. Swara says Maa will ask me to spend more time with you to know you better. Sanskar eats her kheer and asks her to tell Maa that he had her kheer. Swara raises her hand. Sanskar asks her to stop and says he will get divorce on the grounds of wife torturing him. Swara laughs. Laksh sees them laughing.

Sanskar says I will eat your parathas. Swara says I have to eat my sargi before morning. Sanskar makes her eat with his hands. Laksh gets jealous and angry. Swara runs after Sanskar. Ragini comes and asks Laksh to come. He sees Swara running after Sanskar. Swara falls. Sanskar holds her and asks her to eat. Swara thanks him. Sanskar thanks her for smiling. Swara says you are the reason for my smile. Sanskar says I will be always, I promise. Swara makes him eat sargi with her hand. Sanskar says it is morning and your sargi is finished too. Swara says you have finished half of my sargi and will eat breakfast too. Sanskar says obviously, and takes food dishes names. Swara laughs. Sanskar also laughs.

Laksh and Ragini are in the car. Ragini plays music and rests on his shoulder. Laksh tells her that he is driving since 20 mins and asks where she wants to go. Ragini asks him to stop car at the park. Laksh stops the car. Ragini asks him to help her open seat belt and door. She gets close to him. Laksh and Ragini get down the car. Laksh asks what we are doing here? Ragini says we are spending time here. Laksh says I have to do lunch. Ragini says I kept fast for your long life and you will do lunch infront of me. Laksh asks who asked you to keep fast, and says he is not interested in fasting. Ragini asks him to stop it and says I know you are not interested in our relation and that’s why went to Swara’s room yesterday.

Laksh tells Swara if he proves Ragini’s truth infront of her then she has to kick Ragini out of his life and then she has to return in his life. Swara accepts the challenge. Later Swara is kidnapped, and Laksh runs after the kidnapper’s car.

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