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Swaragini 2nd December 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sanskar promising Swara that he won’t let anyone doubt her. She tells him good night and thinks she was waiting for him to tell truth, but you was lying again and again. She thinks to confirm her doubt and then question him. Someeone keeps an eye on Swara. Swara feels someone’s presence and comes out of room. She thinks she thinks she has to know. Annapurna asks Ragini to have food and she refuses. Dadi holds her hand. Ragini asks if she has forgiven her and says I miss your love. Dadi asks if you said truth and saw Swara’s face. Ragini recalls and tells that she saw her long hairs. She tells that she held kidnapper’s hand and even scratched her hand. Dadi asks her to rest.

Later Swara comes to Sanskar’s room, but he is not there. She calls him and thinks she might get proof from the room. She opens his wallet, but couldn’t get anything. She gets airport road receipt and thinks it has date when she was kidnapped. Sanskar comes and asks what you are doing here? Dadi asks Laksh to take care of Ragini until she comes back. Laksh says okay. He gets someone’s call and he goes. Ragini recalls the horrific day and wakes up from sleep. She thinks to talk to Swara.

Swara asks Sanskar, if he went to airport road to search Ragini. Sanskar asks from where did you get this receipt? Swara says I got this receipt here and tells that she saw him burning blanket the previous night. She says she has many doubts in her mind and asks if he would not have questioned her if he was on her place. Sanskar says I trust you fully…and tells that he will never doubts her. Swara says but proofs….Sanskar says proofs were against you also, but I never doubted you. He feels bad as she is doubting him. Swara asks him to reply. He says it is better for you to walk, but when you fall down, then I will hold you like always. Swara asks him to tell if he went there on that kidnapping day. Sanskar accepts to have gone there. Swara says I have to talk to everyone about this matter. Sanskar feels bad as Swara has doubted her.

Ragini comes and takes her from there. Swara says whatever has happened with you is done by Sanskar. Ragini says no, she says neither you or Sanskar had kidnapped me. She says she has scratched the person who had kidnapped her. Swara asks why you didn’t tell me. Ragini says I forgot about it. She says definitely there is third person involved. She asks her not to take Sanskar’s name and says she is fully sure. Sujata calls Ragini and Swara as Inspector came.

Durga Prasad asks Inspector what do you want to say. Inspector says kidnapper is very clever and have cleaned all the marks on the spray and wig. He asks him to inform if he gets to know anything. Durga Prasad says sure. He asks do you want to tell something. Swara thinks about her conversation with Sanskar. Durga Prasad asks her to tell. Inspector asks her to tell if there is something which they shall know. Ragini nods no. Swara looks at everyone’s faces.

Laksh tells shall I help you both and asks what they were searching. Swara says nail marks on hand. Later when alone, Laksh takes out fake skin from his hand revealing marks on his hand.

Written Update By H Hasan


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