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Swaragini 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Annapurna asking Swara if she has given aarti to everyone. Swara says yes. She asks what is the matter? Annapurna says she wants to do her rasoi ritual, and says I thought you are already tensed. Swara says I am your bahu, and you should order me. She says we will do the ritual and says I will do it for your happiness . Kavya says wow…jethani ji…She says it seems I shall learn lessons from you to impress sasumaa. Swara says ofcourse, and says you should enter temple after bath and without chappals. Kavya says okay, I can’t take sasumom blessings. She says she will go and sleep again. Annapurna gets sad. Swara asks Annapurna to hurry up and make the arrangement of her rasoi. Annapurna laughs and asks her to come. Swara sees Sanskar and tells him good morning. Sanskar looks at her. Swara asks him to let her go as she is going to do her rasoi kitchen. Sanskar says so what? Swara says you have gone mad? Sanskar says in your love and hugs her. Swara goes, and asks him to leave her pallu. Sanskar frees her pallu stuck somewhere, and asks her to make something sweet in rasoi.

Sumi combs Ragini’s hairs. Ragini reads Swara’s message and tells her that she got Swara’s message.Sumi asks how is she? Ragini says she must be happy with Sanskar, and asking about my health. They hear Shekhar talking to a broker and saying that he wants to sell house. Sumi asks which house he is selling? Shekhar says I am selling this house and going to Bikaner. Ragini asks him to say what happened? Shekhar says I have decided not to let any outsider/Swara to come inside the house. He says I can’t let Swara enter home and trouble us. Ragini asks Sumi, how can we leave Swara and go.

Later Swara is in kitchen and thinking. Sujata asks Swara to think fast. Swara says I don’t know what to make? Parineeta asks her to make milk cake. Swara gets thinking again. Sujata asks her to make milk cake or make salad. They leave from kitchen. A fb is shown, Swara and Ragini have milk cake in the kitchen, and Sumi and Shekhar also comes there to eat it. Sumi catches Shekhar and says your theft is caught. Shekhar looks at the empty plate and says you have eaten all. Swara says you will be punished. Ragini asks him to tell the recipe. Shekhar says he will tell them recipe when they get married. Ragini and Swara tell him that they will not leave her baba. Swara calls Shekhar, but he was busy. She calls at landline number. Shekhar picks the call. Swara recalls of the promise given by Shekhar. Shekhar says I know you are on call Swara, and says he will agree. He says you have proved that girls are paraya dhan. Sumi says Shekhar…..and cries. Swara cries. She makes the milk cake. Sanskar comes to kitchen and says we don’t have sweets. Swara asks him to go. Sanskar asks if Maa called me to taste this. Kavya hears them, smiles and goes. Swara serves the food. Sujata asks Laksh to come and have food. Annapurna asks her not to force him. Sujata says I asked him so that his hatredness could go. Laksh asks if they see Kavya. They say no. Laksh says he will have food with Kavya.

Kavya comes with her friends and goes to kitchen. Everyone hear the noise and goes inside the kitchen. Swara sees her cake on floor. Kavya says I know today is your rasoi and it had fallen mistakenly. Swara asks how did you know that I made it. Kavya says I know. Just then they see her friend having chicken. Sujata shouts flesh. Annapurna asks this is my rasoi ghar, my temple. How can you make it impure. Kavya says it is a dead meat and not an animal. She asks her to check herself. Swara stops her. Annapurna says you are crossing your limits. Kavya says I haven’t told you anything when you have crossed limits. Sujata says I will throw you out. Kavya threatens to call community people. Kavya tells her friends to eat chicken. Swara throws utensil on Kavya’s feet. Her friends get scared and leave. Swara asks Kavya to clean the floor. Kavya says no ways. Parineeta and Uttara stop her.

Swara says you have to do it. Kavya takes chicken from the kitchen. Swara says this is your lesson no. 2. She says non veg will not come in this house again. Kavya gets angry. Swara asks Annapurna not to spoil her mood. Uttara asks about milk cake. Swara says I kept partly in the temple as bhog and says we will have one spoon each. Sujata says you have saved our kitchen and have fulfilled the ritual.

Laksh calls Annapurna and Swara, and says Kavya is crying and wounded. He asks what happened to her? Annapurna says what happened to you Laksh. She says do you mean that I have hurt her. Laksh says someone is trying to harm Kavya. Sanskar comes infront of Swara. Laksh asks Sanskar if he is trying to protect his wife. Annapurna blames herself for not slapping Laksh on his first mistake, and says Durga Prasad don’t want to stay in the house. Kavya says enough. Parineeta tells Laksh to ask Kavya what she has done? She says Kavya brought chicken inside the house. Laksh asks Kavya. She nods. Laksh asks if that matters? He says Swara was non vegetarian too, and says Kavya is trying to adjust. Sujata says Kavya have broken Swara’s rasoi and have broken the utensil. Kavya cooks up a story that somebody pushed her and she got hurt. Everyone is shocked.

Uttara says I will tell you who had pushed her. She shows the recording in which Kavya fell down herself. She says I made this video on Swara’s sayings. Swara says what did you think that you are smart? She says where your thinking ends, my thinking stops. Laksh asks her to stop it and asks what happened to you all. He says Kavya is my wife and we love each other. She says Kavya is not like Ragini who entered this house with cheating. Sanskar asks why you are talking to maa like this? Laksh says I am talking to my mum and just now she said that nobody have the right to speak in between us. Sujata asks Kavya did she do any magic on Laksh? And blames her for separating him with his family. Laksh tells them that Kavya is an orphan and have no one.

Sumi brings haldi milk. Shekhar says we have to leave the house as I have taken the advance amount. He asks her to pack the bags. Ragini asks Shekhar, why he wants to punish Swara? Shekhar says I don’t want to talk to her. Ragini says but I want to talk. He says when I don’t have any objection with her decision, then why you are objecting. She asks if you were happy with Dada and Dadi’s promise. She says how can you pushed Swara in the same fire. She says relations don’t break by this. Shekhar asks Sumi to make her understand, and also asks her not to talk about Swara or our decision to leave.

Kavya is exercising outside home with her personal trainer. Sujata and Annapurna are shocked. Swara comes to Shekhar’s house and says she won’t let the deal happen. Shekhar asks her not to interfere. Dadi asks her to get out and stay at their house. Swara tells Ragini that their strength can’t be broken, we are sisters and will always remain sisters, says nobody can separate Swaragini.

Written Update By H Hasan


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